contain in a sentence

What does this bottle contain ?

What does your pocket contain ?

This book does not contain much useful information.

Books contain treassure of wisdom.

There are innumerable films which contain hit songs of Lata.

Books contain the germ of wisdom.

These Text books contain many chapters.

The proverbs of all countries are short and pithy but contain of wisdom.

Pineapple and papaya contain the enzyme bromelain which helps in protein digestion.

Saturated fatty acids contain single bonds only.

This book doesn’t contain much information.

This bucket can contain litres of water.

A number of English words contain a silent letter.

Galaxies are huge and contain billions of stars.

He was a brave, large-hearted man and we all honoured him.

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and contains a fatty acid called linoleic acid .

This article contains the best natural remedy to remove belly fat.

Synonyms Of contain – Another Words

accommodate, consist of, enclose, encompass, have, incorporate, involve, comprehend, comprise, embody, embrace, hold, seat, subsume

Antonyms Of contain – Opposite Words

exclude, free, disbelieve, let go, release

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