consequences in a sentence

Be ready to bear the consequences of one’s actions.

A person with self-confidence performs his tasks well, without undue fear of consequences.

Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends, or there’II be heavy consequences to be paid.

Once you are mentally prepared for the worst consequences, the element of panic is reduced in your mind.

She tells a lie without thinking twice of the consequences of the same.

A fatigued brain and a sluggish body are the consequences of fat deposition and ill health.

Before taking a decision we must thoroughly think over all aspects, otherwise we may have to face difficult consequences.

He did it on purpose and he must suffer the consequences.

They have chosen this path regardless of the consequences.

He is heedless of consequences.

You will have to face the consequences.

Does he know the consequences of his refusal ?

Do you know its consequences?

He is heedless of consequences.

He did it on purpose and he must suffer the consequences.

Does he know the consequences of his refusal ?

He quarrelled with his boss, heedless of the consequences.

We should think about the consequences of these anti-natural activities.

His is fully conscious of the consequences of such an action.

A little mistake sometimes has grave consequences.

He did it on purpose and he must suffer the consequences.

He did not know the consequences.

Does he know the consequences if he refuses ?

I am not ignorant of the consequences.

Avoid acting hastily without considering the possible consequences.

One must accept the consequences of one’s own actions.

I am ignorant of the consequences.

He feared the consequences of his action.

If you do not allow your body to recharge the consequences can be disastrous.

We have to live with the consequences of our actions.

He calculated the consequences of his action.

The reckless driving had severe consequences, resulting in a serious car accident.

His decision to skip classes had negative consequences on his academic performance.

The company’s unethical practices led to legal consequences and a damaged reputation.

The lack of proper maintenance resulted in dire consequences when the machinery malfunctioned.

She was well aware of the potential consequences of sharing confidential information with unauthorized individuals.

The environmental consequences of pollution are far-reaching and affect ecosystems and human health.

The economic downturn had widespread consequences, leading to job losses and financial instability.

The new policy had unintended consequences, causing confusion among employees and lowering morale.

The consequences of not addressing climate change could be catastrophic for future generations.

The teenager learned about the consequences of procrastination when he received a lower grade on his assignment.

The decision to cut down the ancient trees had ecological consequences that impacted the local wildlife.

The athlete faced the consequences of not adhering to the training regimen, resulting in decreased performance.

The doctor explained the potential consequences of ignoring early symptoms and not seeking medical attention.

The company’s failure to meet safety regulations had legal and financial consequences.

The consequences of the merger were positive for the company, leading to increased market share and profitability.

The social media post had unforeseen consequences when it went viral and attracted both praise and criticism.

The consequences of the global pandemic included widespread job loss and changes to daily routines.

The consequences of the decision were evident when the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

The decision to implement cost-cutting measures had immediate consequences, resulting in employee layoffs.

The teacher explained the long-term consequences of not putting in the effort to improve study habits.

The lack of proper safety precautions had tragic consequences when an accident occurred on the construction site.

The policy change aimed to reduce expenses, but it had unintended financial consequences for some employees.

The consequences of neglecting regular exercise and a healthy diet became evident in his declining physical health.

The consequences of the political decision led to widespread protests and social unrest in the country.

The decision to invest in renewable energy had positive consequences for the company’s reputation as an environmentally conscious business.

The decision to trust the unreliable supplier had dire consequences for the company’s production timeline.

The economic consequences of inflation include higher prices for goods and reduced purchasing power.

The consequences of the teenager’s actions were clear when he faced disciplinary action at school.

The environmental consequences of deforestation were evident as the once-thriving forest turned into barren land.

The failure to address workplace harassment had legal consequences, leading to a lawsuit against the company.

The decision to delay the product launch had financial consequences as sales projections were missed.

The social consequences of the pandemic included increased isolation and mental health challenges for many individuals.

The consequences of not wearing protective gear in hazardous environments can lead to serious injuries.

The decision to cut funding for social programs had far-reaching consequences on vulnerable communities.

The consequences of overusing antibiotics include the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The consequences of the cyberattack were evident as sensitive customer data was compromised.

The decision to invest in employee training had positive consequences for the company’s overall productivity.

The long-term consequences of smoking are well-documented, including increased risks of various health conditions.

The consequences of the controversial legislation were evident in the public’s reaction and protests.

The consequences of neglecting maintenance on the infrastructure were evident when roads and bridges deteriorated rapidly.

The consequences of the economic recession were felt globally, affecting industries and livelihoods.

The social consequences of inequality can lead to tensions and divisions within society.

The consequences of the housing crisis were seen in rising homelessness rates and an affordability crisis.

The educational consequences of disrupted schooling due to natural disasters can impact children’s future opportunities.

The decision to downsize the workforce had emotional consequences for the affected employees and their families.

Synonyms Of consequences – Another Words

corollary, emanation, importance, ramification, residual, residue, residuum, sequela, weight

Antonyms Of consequences – Opposite Words


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