conscience in a Sentence


A clear conscience is always victorious.

He is objective and fair in his judgements and true to his conscience.

You must listen to the voice of your conscience.

The man who has a clear conscience is happy.

My conscience does not permit it.

My conscience pricks me whenever I do something wrong.

A guilty conscience needs no accusation.

I will not act against my conscience.

He acts as his conscience dictates.

Guilty conscience is always suspicious.

The murderer was troubled by his conscience and decided to give himself up to the police.

He has a clear conscience and knows no fear.

On your conscience this will lie.

He seems to possess a clear conscience.

The sense of guilt pricks his conscience.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

My conscience pricks me whenever I do something wrong.

A guilty conscience accuses itself.

A guilty conscience needs no accuse.

The thief surrendered to the police when his conscience pricked.

Listen to the voice of your conscience.

Guilty conscience is always suspicious.

He has a clear conscience and knows no fear.

A man with guilty conscience dare not look you in the face.

We should hear the voice of our conscience.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

A clear conscience is always victorious.

My conscience does not permit it

He is objective and fair in his judgements and true to his conscience.

The man who has a clear conscience is happy.

His conscience is clear.

I have a clear conscience.

The denial of freedom of conscience to others is a serious threat to peace.

A person who does not listen to his conscience will have to suffer.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

A clean conscience is the greatest strength and this comes only by acting and thinking honestly.

An honest man has a clean conscience and no fear.

There is nothing more honest and sincere than one’s conscience.

People want to be overnight success at the cost of their conscience and it still doesn’t work.

The company’s CEO, with a clear conscience, announced their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The character in the novel struggled with a troubled conscience after committing a crime.

She couldn’t sleep peacefully, burdened by a guilty conscience for betraying her friend’s trust.

The charity organization aimed to raise funds for a noble cause, appealing to people’s consciences to support their mission.

The politician claimed to act with a clean conscience, defending every decision he made during his term in office.

The judge’s ruling was influenced by his conscience and his commitment to upholding justice.

As a journalist, she always followed her conscience, reporting the truth regardless of potential backlash.

The environmental activist urged the crowd to raise their voices and demand change from corporations, appealing to their consciences about the planet’s future.

The suspect’s lack of remorse suggested a troubled conscience, leaving the detective determined to uncover the truth.

When the company faced financial difficulties, the CEO’s conscience led him to prioritize employee welfare over corporate profits.

Her altruistic actions came naturally, driven by her compassionate conscience and desire to help those less fortunate.

The religious leader emphasized the importance of cultivating a pure conscience as a path to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The documentary highlighted the power of conscience in motivating individuals to stand up against injustice and fight for human rights.

Despite the criticism, the artist followed his creative vision with a clear conscience, remaining true to his artistic integrity.

The convicted criminal sought redemption by turning himself in, burdened by the weight of a guilty conscience.

The documentary exposed the corrupt practices of some politicians, shedding light on their lack of conscience.

The therapist encouraged her client to confront past actions and seek forgiveness as a way to heal his troubled conscience.

After learning about the impact of fast fashion on the environment, she couldn’t in good conscience support the industry and chose to shop ethically instead.

The humanitarian worker devoted herself to the cause with an unwavering conscience, tirelessly striving to alleviate suffering in war-torn regions.

The remorseful character in the play grappled with his conscience, seeking redemption for his past misdeeds.

Despite facing adversity, the activist held steadfast to her beliefs, guided by her unyielding conscience.

The wise elder advised the young warrior to fight with a clear conscience, knowing that his cause was just.

She couldn’t ignore her conscience, which compelled her to apologize and make amends for her hurtful words.

The artist’s work was a reflection of his deep conscience, expressing societal issues through powerful imagery.

The philanthropist’s generosity stemmed from a compassionate conscience, aiming to uplift marginalized communities.

Despite the tempting bribe, the honest police officer followed her conscience, refusing to compromise her integrity.

He found solace in confession, unburdening his soul and seeking forgiveness for his actions that weighed heavily on his conscience.

The jury’s decision was unanimous, as each member followed their conscience and assessed the evidence fairly.

The conservationist urged society to develop a collective conscience for preserving biodiversity and the natural world.

Her conscience served as a moral compass, guiding her to choose kindness and empathy in every situation.

The ethical guidelines provided employees with a framework to align their actions with the company’s conscience.

The teacher encouraged her students to cultivate critical thinking and listen to their conscience when evaluating information.

The employee’s whistleblowing action was driven by a strong sense of conscience, revealing corporate wrongdoing for the public good.

The philanthropic organization’s mission aligned with the donor’s conscience, leading to a significant contribution.

The pastor preached about the importance of nurturing a pure conscience, emphasizing forgiveness and self-reflection.

The chef refused to serve dishes with ingredients sourced from unethical suppliers, acting in good conscience to promote fair trade.

The diplomat acted as a mediator, negotiating with conflicting parties while keeping his conscience impartial and unbiased.

The community rallied together with a shared conscience, supporting those affected by the natural disaster.

The environmentalist challenged policymakers to prioritize climate change solutions, appealing to their consciences as global stewards.

As a therapist, she helped her clients explore their conscience, facilitating personal growth and self-awareness.

Synonyms Of conscience – Another Words

shame, censor, compunction, demur, duty, morals, principles, qualms, scruples, superego

Antonyms Of conscience – Opposite Words


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