Connection in a Sentence

We shall have no connection with you.

Your connection will be cut off if you do not pay the bill.

I have no connection with her for the last three years.

The printer connection isn’t working.

I have no connection with him.

There is no connection between the two things.

There is a causal connection between food and health.

There is no causal connection between health and longevity of life.

He had to come to Delhi in connection with some criminal case.

There is a close connection between the two.

We need a dedicated telephone line for our Internet connection.

They had warrants for my arrest in connection with a student agitation in our college.

I know nothing in this connection

Most of the students have been busy all through the month in connection with the Annual cultural week.

I had already met you personally in this connection twice.

I seek your valuable suggestions in this connection.

The police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery.

The police want to question a man in connection with the robbery.

The most obvious use of games is in connection with physical health.

A computer and a telephone connection are required to get an internet connection.

Do you have anything to say in connection with this?

Your connection will be cut off if you do not pay the bill.

I’m writing to you in connection with your complaint.

There is a connection between the two events.

The police arrested two suspects in connection with the murder.

There is no causal connection between health and longevity of life.

We all know that extramarital affairs kill the connection in the relationship.

A case in this connection has been registered against the accused.

The police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery.

He has no connection with this affair.

My internet connection was cut off.

There is a connection between smoking and lung cancer.

The strong bond between the two friends showed the depth of their connection.

She felt an instant connection with the stranger she met at the party.

The internet connection was slow, making it difficult to stream videos.

The teacher explained the connection between different historical events.

The scientist discovered a connection between certain chemicals and health issues.

The company invested in a reliable and secure connection for its remote workers.

The actor made a strong emotional connection with the audience during the performance.

The family moved to a new city, leaving behind their old connections and friends.

The detective unraveled the complex case by finding crucial connections between suspects.

The artist explored the connection between art and emotion in their latest exhibition.

The therapy session helped the couple improve their communication and strengthen their connection.

The team’s success was due to the strong connection and collaboration among its members.

The book delves into the deep spiritual connection between humans and nature.

The conference provided an opportunity for professionals to establish new business connections.

The cable company offered high-speed internet connection to its customers.

The musician expressed his emotions through music, creating a powerful connection with the audience.

The professor explained the connection between genetics and certain inherited traits.

The connection between the two stories became apparent as the plot unfolded.

The charity event allowed people to make meaningful connections and support a good cause.

The historical novel depicted the social and political connections of the characters.

The artist’s work explores the connection between light and color, creating mesmerizing visual effects.

The dating app claims to help people find meaningful connections and compatible partners.

The company values its customer connections and strives to provide excellent service.

The company’s expansion allowed it to establish international business connections.

The teacher encouraged students to make personal connections to the characters in the book.

The mentorship program aims to foster connections between experienced professionals and aspiring individuals.

The conference provided an opportunity for researchers to share findings and establish collaborative connections.

The journalist investigated the connection between political donors and policy decisions.

The team building exercises were designed to strengthen connections and improve teamwork.

The musician’s lyrics resonate with listeners, forging a deep emotional connection.

The social media platform enables users to stay connected with friends and family.

The scientific study revealed a surprising connection between diet and mental health.

The historical artifacts provided valuable insights into the cultural connections of ancient civilizations.

The architect incorporated open spaces to encourage connections and interactions in the building.

The public speaker established a connection with the audience by sharing personal experiences.

The connection between climate change and extreme weather events is a topic of ongoing research.

The DNA test revealed a previously unknown family connection between two individuals.

The therapist helped the patient explore their emotional connections and past experiences.

The community center acts as a hub for social connections and activities.

The documentary explored the connection between art and social change throughout history.

Synonyms Of connection – Another Words

contact, network, relation, acquaintance, agent, ally, associate, association, friend, go-between, intermediary, kin, kindred, kinship, mentor, messenger, reciprocity, relative, sponsor

Antonyms Of connection – Opposite Words

antagonist, enemy, foe, opponent, stranger

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