Conflicts in a sentence


His behavior conflicts with what he says.

It gives rise to conflicts and tension.

They are able to handle conflicts well and be empathetic towards others along with improving their values.

They have to solve conflicts among nations.

They try to avoid any and all conflicts in their lives.

We must do more to prevent conflicts happening at all.

When family life is dealing with stress and conflicts you will have negative effects.

The ongoing conflicts in the region have resulted in the displacement of thousands of civilians.

The conflicts between different religious groups in the region have led to tension and violence.

The board of directors met to discuss and resolve the conflicts between different departments in the company.

The mediator worked tirelessly to find common ground and reach a resolution in the long-standing conflicts between the two parties.

The United Nations sent peacekeepers to the region to help manage the conflicts and prevent further escalation of violence.

The novel explores the internal conflicts of the main character, as she grapples with her past and uncertain future.

The conflicts between the neighboring nations have resulted in several diplomatic meetings to find ways to promote peace and stability in the region.

The conflicts between the student groups on campus disrupted the learning environment and prompted the university to implement conflict resolution workshops.

The therapist helped the couple communicate more effectively to address the conflicts in their marriage.

The conflicts in the story mirror the real-life struggles of the protagonist, making the narrative relatable to readers.

The conflicts between various interest groups led to a heated debate during the town hall meeting.

The conflicts arising from differing cultural norms and traditions highlight the importance of understanding and respecting diversity in a globalized world.

The company implemented conflict resolution workshops to address interpersonal conflicts among employees.

The organization’s policy on handling conflicts promotes open communication and mediation.

International conflicts often require diplomatic efforts to find peaceful resolutions.

The conflicts arising from differences in opinions can lead to creative problem-solving.

The team’s success is attributed to their ability to work together effectively, even during conflicts.

The conflicts within the family were finally resolved through a heartfelt conversation.

The student council held a meeting to discuss possible conflicts in the proposed event schedule.

The conflicts between the management and labor union resulted in a temporary work stoppage.

The conflicts between the two teams intensified during the heated championship match.

The conflicts arising from misunderstandings were quickly resolved once both parties communicated openly.

The conflicts between competing businesses can lead to fierce market competition.

The conflicts between the characters in the play create dramatic tension and drive the plot.

The conflicts between different political factions are a constant feature of the country’s political landscape.

The conflicts between religious groups have sparked unrest and protests in the region.

The therapist provided tools and techniques to help the couple manage their conflicts constructively.

The board meeting addressed the conflicts of interest raised by stakeholders.

The manager mediated the conflicts between team members and promoted a harmonious work environment.

The conflicts between conservation efforts and economic development are challenging for policymakers.

The conflicts between the principal and teachers impacted the school’s overall morale.

The conflicts between the characters’ personalities lead to both humorous and tense situations in the sitcom.

The conflicts between traditional values and modern trends often fuel generational gaps.

The conflicts between artistic vision and commercial interests pose challenges for aspiring artists.

The family sought therapy to address the long-standing conflicts among siblings.

The conflicts between different ethnic groups in the city require community engagement and understanding.

The conflicts between farmers and environmentalists over land use continue to be a contentious issue.

The journalist reported on the political conflicts unfolding in the capital city.

The conflicts between customer demands and company resources necessitate careful resource allocation.

The conflicts arising from conflicting deadlines caused stress among the project team.

The conflicts between the characters’ desires and their responsibilities drive the plot in the novel.

The conflicts arising from miscommunication were easily resolved once clarity was established.

The conflicts between team members were undermining the group’s overall performance.

The manager initiated a conflict resolution process to address the disagreements among employees.

The conflicts between various social classes are at the heart of societal issues.

The counselor provided guidance on how to handle conflicts constructively within the family.

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