confidence in a sentence

Each step should be taken with confidence.

Begin your task with confidence and accomplish it.

I have no confidence in you.

Until we have the confidence to achieve our goals, we cannot succeed in any exam.

You should have confidence in your ability and power.

The brave have the confidence to welcome challenges in life.

Why do students often shake and lose confidence just before the beginning of the examinations?

Every time you achieve success you will develop confidence.

Never lose your confidence because if you lose it, you have lost all.

We should have confidence in ourselves.

I must somehow win her confidence.

I will take him into my confidence.

A good beginning will give us the confidence to do the whole job well.

I hope she will justify my confidence in her.

Many courageous people have succeeded due to confidence.

There are many people who have performed miracles with their confidence.

Lack of confidence is our greatest enemy.

We should move towards our goals with prior planning and confidence.

I have strong confidence in my abilities.

A teacher should instill confidence in a child by encouraging him in his field of interest.

He goes on exuding confidence even in the greatest difficulty.

He does not have confidence in his caliber and capability.

Lacking confidence leads to an inferiority complex.

She always inspires me to work with courage and confidence.

He has no confidence in his own ability.

I have great confidence in your abilities.

The leader spoke with confidence.

He solved every problem with confidence.

Constant failures spirited away his over-confidence.

He has no confidence in his friends.

You should repose full confidence in me.

Friends should have full confidence in each other.

Lack of self-confidence kills enthusiasm.

I have no confidence in this man.

She spoke with confidence.

The officer inspired confidence in his staff.

Your confidence levels are good.

I have got full confidence in you.

You should have confidence in me.

Have I lost your confidence ?

Do you have self-confidence ?

I faced the situation with confidence.

He speaks English with confidence.

Most of the times people tend to mistake their arrogance for confidence.

Don’t give up your confidence.

She always inspired confidence in her husband.

He took me into his confidence.

An optimist retains his confidence in every situation and gains success in every task.

Have confidence in yourself.

Our self-confidence is the key to success and we need to nurture it.

Confidence gives us strength.

Synonyms Of Confidence – Another Words

Assurance, Certainty, Courage, Determination, Morale, Poise, Spirit, Tenacity, Aplomb, Backbone, Boldness, Brashness, Cool, Daring, Dash, Elan, Fearlessness, Firmness, Fortitude, Grit, Hardihood, Heart, Impudence, Intrepidity, Mettle, Nerve, Pluck, Presumption, Reliance, Resoluteness, Resolution, Self-Possession, Self-Reliance, Spunk, Sureness, Élan

Antonyms Of Confidence – Opposite Words

Doubt, Fear, Hesitation, Irresolution, Uncertainty, Weakness, Cowardice, Timidity

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