Completely-word meaning in hindi

Adverb : पूर्णतया, बिलकुल, ब्योरेवार, बखूबी, पूरी तरह से, विस्तार से, सम्पूर्ण रूप से

Example Sentences :

These birds are all completely mad.

Science has completely changed our lives.

It was completely gutted.

He had completely forgot the dollar.

He was completely out of money.

After the long hill journey, she is completely done up.

In the past, these villagers were completely backward.

In certain schools and colleges games are completely ignored.

Today such values are completely overlooked.

I am sure that it has completely slipped out of your memory.

He felt completely exhausted.

He is completely devoid the sense of mercy.

After some time he was completely drenched in the rain.

The project completely failed and everyone was surprised.

The story is completely devoid of interest.

It was completely close.

You are completely wrong.

The moss covers the surface of the water so completely that it makes the pond look like a green field.

They make men completely mechanical and materialistic.

The patient left the hospital completely cured.

She was completely cured.

But towards evening I got so busy with writing the book that it completely slipped away from my mind.

In fact I was completely helpless.

This one is completely out of fashion.

He was completely bald.

I got to the 10th floor I was completely breathless.

Man is completely cut off from Nature.

Apply this over your eyes and let it stay for a few minutes so that the skin completely absorbs the gel.

I completely denied his demands.

Know yourself completely .

Make a firm decision to avoid junk food completely and you will not get the cravings .

This is a cold pressed completely organic oil.

Developments in the last few days have left you completely confused.

They are completely wet.

She is completely lost.

She gave him a necktie which was completely to his taste.

His proposal is completely out of the question.

The child was completely lacking in discipline.

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