Complete Example Sentences

I will complete the work on time.

We shall complete our work by the middle of this month.

You must complete the test in two hours.

He expressed complete satisfaction.

He needs complete physical and mental peace.

He has achieved a complete victory over his passions.

I expect to complete it in an hour or so.

The job is almost complete.

I will complete the work when you help me.

His boss wants complete satisfaction.

We had to complete the work in time.

A man not complete until he married.

Please step up your efforts to complete the project on time.

I had made a complete new outfit.

Go and complete your work immediately.

My essay is complete.

We shall complete this work before sunset.

It is beyond my bounds to complete that task.

The building is complete.

You need not complete it.

The defeat of the enemy was complete.

Complete the work in time.

Complete your work.

I will stay here until you complete your work.

Unless you lend a helping hand I cannot complete this work.

The patient needs complete rest.

Let us complete this task and then enjoy.

He wrote a complete account of his experiences in England.

I managed to complete my work within three years.

No sooner did I complete my studies than I got a job.

Complete your work positively.

A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.

He had barely sufficient funds to complete the project.

It must contain complete information.

This is a complete waste of time.

My wife is in the family way and she has been advised complete bed rest by her doctor.

Our motto is value for money & complete satisfaction.

We should have complete knowledge of it.

My doctor advised me to take complete rest.

Life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful.

We will complete it at one sitting.

He was given every facility to complete his thesis in time.

Synonyms Of Complete – Another Words

Entire, Exhaustive, Full, Outright, Thorough, Gross, Integrated, Replete, Undocked

Antonyms Of Complete – Opposite Words

Incomplete, Defective, Deficient, Imperfect, Lacking, Missing, Needy, Short, Unfinished, Wanting