company in a sentence

We all want to be in the company of nature.

Could I have the pleasure of your company for dinner tonight.

We must be very careful about the company we keep.

It is not good to keep company with crooked people.

Children feel safe in the company of their parents.

Playing and splashing in the cool water of the swimming pool in the company of my friends is what I enjoy most.

He is a person with bad habits and always moves in a bad company.

He got into bad company.

She was bound over to work for the company for two years.

He is always found in the company of naughty boys.

Our company basically deals with software development.

I treasure your company.

A man is known by the company he keeps.

I can never forget this happy journey in the company of my best friends in life.

In a foreign country we yearn for the company of our friends.

Do not keep company with irresponsible boys.

His company is bad.

I hope that you will act upon my advice and give up the company of the careless boys.

Why doesn’t the company try this new method of production?

Stay away from bad company as they may misguide you.

He cannot enjoy the company of his friends.

Will you give me the pleasure of your company at dinner on Sunday.

Most of his time is passed in the company of books.

There is nothing like passing time in the company of great books.

I missed your company badly.

Your bad company will surely spoil you.

A gentleman likes the company of a gentleman.

He wishes to live in the company of his fellow beings.

He seems to have fallen into bad company in the hostel.

Do not keep company with irresponsible boys.

I cannot forget his sweet company.

Men in trouble seek the company of nature.

Some children acquire bad qualities from bad company.

He likes the company of budding youths.

He travels free in the guise of a Sadhu and moves in the company of Sadhus.

Imagination helps to revive and relive the happy moments spent in the company of beautiful things.

He avoided the company of bad boys.

He needs the company of somebody.

You should keep away from bad company.

I had pleasure of his company for last four days.

The company has gone into liquidation.

He was negligent and therefore the company suffered heavy losses.

He needs the company of somebody.

Parents should spend some time in the company of their children.

This company is known for its quality and efficiency.

How can you avoid his company now?

Has the company recovered from its losses ?

Bad company should be avoided.

The company threw many persons out of jobs.

Why should one seek the company of a friend ?

The company has suffered a big loss.

How can you avoid his company under these circumstances ?

The finance company collected lakhs of rupees from investors.

We had company at breakfast.

Always keep away from the company of bad boys.

The company has framed new rules.

But for your company I would have been bored.

Grandparents relive their childhood in the company of their grandchildren.

Synonyms Of Company – Another Words

Association, Club, Community, Group, Party, Team, Aggregation, Assemblage, Assembly, Band, Body, Circle, Clan, Clique, Collection, Concourse, Congregation, Convention, Corps, Cortege, Coterie, Crew, Ensemble, Gang, Gathering, Horde, Jungle, League, Mob, Muster, Order, Outfit, Pack, Retinue, Ring, Ruck, Set, Throng, Troop, Troupe, Turnout, Zoo

Antonyms Of Company – Opposite Words


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