communication in a sentence

The means of transport and communication have made the world vary small.

The world has been shrinking at an increasing pace with the advance of communication and technology.

It is widely used in communication.

It is the most powerful medium of mass communication.

The postal service is the most important means of communication.

Newspaper is the cheapest mode of communication and source of world’s knowledge.

Today, the means of communication are an important part of our lives and affect us largely.

Internet is making the world more connected, well informed and making communication faster.

Information Technology and means of transportation and communication have changed the face of the earth.

A transparent communication is the key for a successful relationship.

All relations are based on understanding and communication.

Your communication skills are awesome which makes you a perfect fit for fields related to communication.

Always maintain a hale and hearty communication with your roommate.

How can one live in this world without communication?

In any sort of relationship communication is important.

Lack of communication can destroy any relationship.

Lack of communication leads to lack of trust and makes the problem severe .

Lack of communication often leads to diverse attention.

To shine on with a secure job you need good communication and work skills.

When you eat eggs regularly it helps in maintaining memory and communication within the brain cells.

A communication gap can make great relationships break in very little time.

Comfortable silence is as important as communication in a relationship.

Here are a few effective ways to improve communication with children.

In every marriage one important thing to remember is communication.

Is there any communication gap that has developed between the two of you?

Why do you need tips for better communication?

Constant communication is essential for any healthy relationship.

What do you mean by communication skills?

Modern means of communication have made the world a smaller place.

Cellular communication uses the mobile technology.

If there is no communication in between a couple the marriage never .

Well in any relationship communication plays a very important role.

When the communication starts to decrease in a relationship your partner may start feeling left out.

Your communication with your children helps you understand them better.

All communication with that airplane was suddenly cut off.

There is a lack of communication between the young and the old.

I am in communication with her now.

Through communication we are able to learn about each other.

Synonyms Of Communication – Another Words

Connection, Contact, Conversation, Delivery, Intelligence, Link, Transmission, Advice, Advisement, Articulation, Assertion, Communion, Converse, Correspondence, Declaration, Dissemination, Elucidation, Expression, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercourse, Mention, Publication, Reading, Reception, Revelation, Talk, Talking, Telling, Transfer, Utterance, Writing

Antonyms Of Communication – Opposite Words

Quiet, Denial, Disagreement, Silence, Concealment, Cover, Suppression, Withholding

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