common in a sentence

Strikes have come common all over the world, especially in the student community.

A village well is a common site in Indian villages.

Floods are common to all countries.

Road accidents are common.

A street hawker is a common sight in our country.

Tea is a very common drink.

Wastage of water at the individual level to the global level is very common.

The crow is a common bird in India.

Bad cold is a common disease.

Floods are very common in my country.

Before the advent of television, radio ruled the roost in the houses of the common people.

A common cold is an infectious disease of the respiratory system, particularly the nose, throat and bronchi.

Road accidents are very common these days.

Drug abuse has become very common these days.

Street quarrels are very common in our country.

Bus accidents are very common these days.

High prices have caused a lot of hardship for the common masses.

It is a common saying that men are known by the company they keep.

She is deficient in common sense.

These instances are far from common

The weakness for money is common to everyone.

He devoted a lot of his spare time for the causes of the common man.

Jugglers are a very common sight in India.

This evil has become very common these days.

The rise in prices leaves a great impact on the common man’s mind.

The common man is reeling under the rising cost of living.

He is wanting in common sense.

It is a common weakness to envy the good fortune of others.

It is a common practice .

Ankle swelling is a common condition that most people experience at least once in their lifetime.

Breaking coconuts in front of the idol of Gods and Goddesses is a common practice in India.

Yeast infection is highly common among women all over the world.

Sore throat is one of the most common problems that people suffer with .

Stretch marks are quite common among people of all age groups.

Stretch marks are very common among everyone.

How common is Bone Cancer?

How common is it?

Sore throat, caused due to inflammation of the pharynx, is a very common occurrence across all age groups.

Which is the most common type of liver cancer?

Joint pain is a very common complaint in the latter months of pregnancy.

Muscle aches are common for those who work out at the gym.

Nausea or morning sickness is common during pregnancy.

Now a days, hair loss has become a common problem in both men and women.

It may be due to a common cold and a running congested nose.

Skin allergy is one of the most common allergies one suffers from, especially when one lives in a polluted city.

Stress is by far the most common headache trigger.

The common man is too busy to pay attention to such issues.

It is a common problem caused by weather .

Tonsillitis is one of the most common conditions, especially in children.

The symptoms of sinus infection are quite similar to common cold.

It’s just a common myth.

Synonyms Of Common – Another Words

Accepted, Commonplace, Everyday, Familiar, Frequent, Natural, Prevailing, Prevalent, Routine, Simple, Trivial, Typical, Universal, Bourgeois, Characteristic, Current, Daily, General, Humdrum, Plain, Probable, Regular, Standard, Stock

Antonyms Of Common – Opposite Words

Abnormal, Different, Exceptional, Infrequent, Irregular, Peculiar, Rare, Uncommon, Unconventional, Unfamiliar, Unorthodox, Unusual, Extraordinary, Original

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