comfortably in a sentence


He was seated comfortably on a camel’s back.

It is important to sit comfortably when you are eating a meal.

Sit comfortably and keep your spine and head straight.

Please Sit comfortably.

Anyone can do this comfortably.

People with back pain cannot sleep comfortably on their backs.

Position yourself comfortably.

Plant it in a place where it can spread comfortably.

Make her sit comfortably and ask her to vent out the frustration.

Let it cool down until it is comfortably warm.

Sit comfortably When You Eat.

Always dress your baby comfortably for bed.

Sit comfortably with your spine erect and take deep breaths.

He earned enough to be able to live comfortably.

He is asleep comfortably.

The team won the match comfortably.

The medicine eased the pain and patient slept comfortably.

Do you think Jack and Jill lived comfortably ?

We preferred to go on foot.

When my parents were comfortably settled in the city, then they sent for us.

He was comfortably settled in an arm- chair.

He has to work hard to live comfortably on his own.

Everybody was comfortably seated.

He was comfortably dressed.

He was comfortably seated in an armchair.

You can now comfortably dress the way you want.

I slept comfortably last night.

We are comfortably established in our new home.

The luxurious hotel room provided all the amenities needed for them to relax comfortably during their vacation.

The newlyweds sat comfortably on the beach, enjoying the stunning sunset together.

With the new ergonomic office chair, he could now work comfortably for extended hours without back pain.

The spacious living room allowed the whole family to gather comfortably for movie nights.

Despite the long flight, she managed to sleep comfortably on the airplane thanks to the comfortable seating.

He managed to fit all his belongings comfortably in the large suitcase for the trip.

The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and warm lighting made it an ideal place to dine comfortably.

The mattress’s memory foam allowed him to sleep comfortably, contouring to his body shape.

The theater’s plush seats ensured that the audience could enjoy the movie comfortably.

The temperature in the room was perfectly regulated, making it comfortable to work in any season.

The athlete finished the race comfortably ahead of his competitors, securing a gold medal.

She wore loose-fitting, breathable clothing to stay comfortably cool during the hot summer days.

The car’s spacious interior allowed the family to travel comfortably on their road trip.

The hotel’s spa offered a variety of treatments for guests to unwind comfortably.

The concert hall had excellent acoustics, allowing the audience to hear the music comfortably from any seat.

The adjustable office desk allowed her to find the perfect height for working comfortably.

The airline provided a complimentary travel kit to help passengers rest comfortably during the long flight.

The oversized, soft pillows made the bed feel even more comfortably inviting.

With the upgraded sound system, they could now enjoy their favorite music comfortably at home.

The spacious backyard allowed the children to play comfortably and explore nature.

The well-padded seats in the theater allowed the audience to sit comfortably throughout the entire performance.

The elderly couple held hands as they strolled comfortably through the park, cherishing their time together.

The spacious, well-appointed kitchen allowed her to cook comfortably and entertain guests with ease.

He sank into the plush couch, feeling the stress of the day melt away as he relaxed comfortably.

The luxurious spa offered a variety of treatments to help guests unwind and rejuvenate comfortably.

The spacious balcony provided a perfect spot to sit comfortably and enjoy the scenic views.

The large, soft bed welcomed her with open arms, inviting her to sleep comfortably through the night.

She settled into the hammock, swaying gently in the breeze, and dozed off comfortably.

The hotel’s cozy fireplace provided a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to gather comfortably.

The massage chair allowed her to relax comfortably at home after a tiring day at work.

The airline’s premium economy class ensured passengers could travel comfortably with extra legroom and improved amenities.

The cozy reading nook in the corner of the room was her favorite spot to curl up comfortably with a good book.

The adjustable desk and ergonomic chair allowed him to work comfortably from home without straining his back.

The campers sat comfortably around the campfire, sharing stories and laughter late into the night.

The temperature-controlled swimming pool allowed the guests to swim comfortably regardless of the weather outside.

The boutique hotel offered a comfortable and stylish stay, catering to the guests’ every need.

The airline provided blankets and pillows to ensure passengers slept comfortably during the overnight flight.

The plush carpeting in the bedroom made walking barefoot comfortably a pleasure.

The wide and cushioned bike seat allowed her to ride comfortably for long distances.

The spacious conference room accommodated all the attendees comfortably, making the meeting efficient and productive.

The tour bus had large, reclining seats that allowed passengers to nap comfortably during the long journey.

With the soft, fluffy towels provided by the hotel, guests could dry off comfortably after a relaxing swim.

The yoga studio had padded mats, enabling participants to perform the poses comfortably without discomfort.

With the advanced climate control system, everyone in the car could ride comfortably, regardless of their temperature preferences.

The modern ergonomic keyboard and mouse set-up allowed her to work comfortably, preventing wrist strain.

The luxurious spa offered fluffy robes and slippers for guests to lounge comfortably between treatments.

The deep, cushioned couch was the perfect spot to relax comfortably and watch movies on lazy weekends.

The spacious picnic area had plenty of benches and tables, ensuring families could dine comfortably during outings.

The spa’s massage therapists ensured that clients were positioned comfortably to maximize relaxation during treatments.

The new ergonomic office setup allowed him to sit comfortably and maintain better posture throughout the workday.

The airline’s business class seats allowed passengers to recline comfortably and get some rest on long-haul flights.

Synonyms Of Comfortably – Another Words

Adequately, Easily, Snugly, Well, Agreeably, Amply, Cozily, In Comfort, Pleasantly

Antonyms Of Comfortably – Opposite Words

Inadequately, Insufficiently, Poorly, Uncomfortably

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