closed in a sentence

The school will remain closed.

That exhibition closed a month ago.

This is a suitable time for the old account to be closed.

The bank was closed, I could not withdraw any money.

He closed his busy life.

The gate is closed.

When I returned home I found the gate closed.

The market was closed yesterday.

The school was closed since yesterday.

Why have you closed the door.

Our school has closed down for the summer vacation.

This road is closed for the public.

The road is closed for repairs.

Why is the road closed ?

The shop is closed, isn’t it ?

Had he closed the shop ?

The market is closed.

He closed the door and went to bed.

All admissions are closed.

Have they closed the factory ?

We should not wear fully closed shoes in summer.

Today’s man closed himself behind the dark glasses of Air-conditioned rooms.

The court has been closed.

I closed the door.

The slaughterhouse has been closed for a week.

That road is closed for repairs.

Why are you standing before the mirror with your eyes closed?

This fort has plenty of trapdoors and hidden passages which are now closed for safety reasons.

This entrance is closed to the public.

The road is closed for repairs.

He closed his eyes.

will you promise me to keep your eyes closed ?

Will the college remain closed tomorrow ?

If the strike continues, the factory will have to be closed down.

I closed the tap.

While going out, she closed the door gently behind her.

Will you promise me to keep your eyes closed ?

It remains closed on Sunday and other holidays.

My college has closed for the summer vacation.

Our schools have closed for the summer break.

I closed my eyes.

our college will remain closed for two months after the examination.

He came in and closed the door behind him.

Why had you not closed the door ?

Our school will be closed tomorrow.

The gate is closed at eight.

Let the door be closed at once.

Synonyms Of Closed – Another Words

Bankrupt, Locked, Sealed, Fastened, Folded, Padlocked, Dark, Gone Fishing, Not Open

Antonyms Of Closed – Opposite Words

Beginning, Continuing, In Business, Open, Running, Started, Starting, Unsettled

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