close in a sentence

Last year, I saw the elections from close quarters.

The meeting came to a close at four o’clock.

My school is close to the post office.

The school will remain close tomorrow.

It is close today.

We should not sit too close to the TV set.

Always close the tap when not needed.

He is my close and old friend.

He lives close to me.

To avoid the wastage, always close the tap when not needed.

I sent for a doctor who lived close at hand.

I have a municipal park very close to my house.

I always close my bedroom window when I go to bed.

Close your eyes.

What time will the office close this evening?

They listened with close attention.

At night I put the alarm clock close at hand.

Would you close the door, please?

Give the lid another twist to close it tight.

Please close the door.

We are very close to each other.

Our college is close to our house.

You should keep a close watch on your children.

When a woman gets close to a man she expects him to be with her in all ups and downs.

She always wears ornaments.

He had invited all his close friends.

His house is on a hill and a steam flows close by.

They are standing so close to one another.

They are very close to me.

He is very close to me.

Please close the window.

The dog is sitting close to his master.

I had a close shave in a car accident.

The function came to a close with the national anthem.

Our house is close to their house.

I had a close shave when my scooter was hit by a speeding car.

He is a close fisted man.

If you like reading this article share it with your close ones.

My house is close to the school.

He is a close relative of mine.

Are you close to your family?

Please close the door when you leave.

They are very close to each other.

Don’t forget to close the door.

He is a close friend of mine.