Cleaned in a sentence


He cleaned his room last weekend.

They cleaned up after the party.

Your books had not been cleaned by you.

He took off his shirt and cleaned the piano with it.

We cleaned our classroom yesterday.

We cleaned the room in turn.

She hasn’t cleaned her room yet.

She cleaned her room before her guests arrived.

She cleaned the house all by herself.

She cleaned the room.

Have you cleaned your room yet?

I cleaned up after the party.

He cleaned his room on Sunday.

He just cleaned his room.

You had not cleaned your books.

We have just cleaned the lavatory.

The room is cleaned by me.

We’ve just cleaned the toilets.

He hasn’t cleaned the kitchen yet.

He cleaned the top of the table with a wet rag.

He has never cleaned his room.

You have cleaned your shoes.

The market drop has cleaned me out.

We cleaned up our garden.

I have just cleaned my room.

I’m cleaned out.

I want the wax cleaned from my ears.

He cleaned his shoes, which was better than doing nothing.

The maid immediately cleaned the dishes from the table.

Somebody had cleaned my shoes and brushed my suit.

He cleaned and dusted it so thoroughly that she was deeply impressed.

The play grounds were cleaned and a big shamiana was fitted.

The drains are not cleaned every day.

She had purposely not cleaned it up.

Who has cleaned this room?

The streets are cleaned every day.

I’ve cleaned this window.

The nurse cleaned the wound with cotton wool.

He cleaned the windows with a cloth.

The bird cleaned itself.

The floor of the kitchen is broken and cannot be cleaned properly.

The garage will be cleaned by him.

I cleaned the room.

He cleaned and dusted every piece of furniture and every corner of the room thoroughly.

Put it all over your freshly cleaned face and massage for a few minutes.

Remove the carpet and get it professionally cleaned .

Storm drains must be regularly cleaned of debris.

Toilets should be cleaned at least twice per week.

She meticulously cleaned the kitchen, scrubbing the countertops and washing the dishes until they sparkled.

The maid diligently cleaned every corner of the luxurious mansion, ensuring it was immaculate for the arrival of the guests.

The car wash attendant carefully cleaned the vehicle, leaving it looking as good as new.

The professional cleaners efficiently tackled the mess in the office, organizing the clutter and vacuuming the floors.

With a bucket and mop in hand, the custodian cleaned the school’s hallways, maintaining a tidy environment for the students.

The dry cleaner expertly cleaned the delicate silk dress, removing any stains and restoring its pristine appearance.

The team of volunteers enthusiastically cleaned up the beach, picking up litter and debris left behind by visitors.

She diligently cleaned the windows of her apartment, allowing more natural light to brighten the rooms.

The washing machine effectively cleaned the heavily soiled clothes, making them fresh and ready to wear again.

The carpet cleaner used a powerful machine to deep clean the carpets, removing embedded dirt and stains.

The community came together for a neighborhood cleanup day, where everyone pitched in to clean the streets and public spaces.

The janitor diligently cleaned the school’s restrooms, ensuring they were sanitary and presentable for the students.

The professional cleaning crew worked efficiently to clean the post-construction mess in the newly built house.

She meticulously cleaned her collection of vintage vinyl records, using a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

The environmentally-friendly cleaning product effectively cleaned surfaces without harmful chemicals.

The laundry service carefully cleaned and pressed the business suits, making them look sharp and professional.

The eco-conscious individual used natural ingredients to clean their home, avoiding harsh chemicals that could harm the environment.

The dishwasher efficiently cleaned the load of dishes, making cleanup after dinner a breeze.

The housekeeper tidied and cleaned the hotel room, ensuring it was inviting and comfortable for the next guest.

The diligent crew of volunteers cleaned up the local park, picking up trash and restoring its natural beauty for the community to enjoy.

She spent hours meticulously cleaning her antique jewelry collection, restoring the shine and brilliance of each piece.

The determined gardener weeded, pruned, and cleaned the flower beds, making the garden a vibrant and picturesque sight.

The professional carpet cleaner used steam cleaning to effectively remove stubborn stains and odors from the heavily trafficked areas.

The thorough deep cleaning of the restaurant’s kitchen ensured it met the highest hygiene standards for food preparation.

The auto detailing service meticulously cleaned the car’s interior and exterior, leaving it looking showroom-worthy.

As part of their spring cleaning routine, the family decluttered the attic, donating items they no longer needed.

The custodial staff diligently cleaned the school’s classrooms, disinfecting surfaces to maintain a healthy learning environment.

The interior decorator arranged freshly cleaned and polished furniture, giving the home a stylish and inviting ambiance.

The antique book collector carefully cleaned the dusty volumes, preserving their delicate pages for future generations to enjoy.

The laundry mat offered self-service machines for customers to clean their clothes efficiently and affordably.

The biohazard cleanup team meticulously cleaned and sanitized the site after a hazardous incident.

The environmentally-conscious individual used biodegradable cleaning products to minimize their impact on the planet.

After the renovation project, the construction crew cleaned up the construction debris, leaving the site spotless.

The diligent student cleaned their study area, organizing their materials to create an optimal environment for learning.

The technology enthusiast carefully cleaned their electronic gadgets, ensuring they functioned optimally and looked as good as new.

The spring cleaning tradition involved washing curtains, cleaning blinds, and dusting hard-to-reach corners for a thorough home refresh.

The cleaning company specialized in deep cleaning services, tackling challenging tasks like grout and tile cleaning.

The cleaning robot autonomously roamed the house, efficiently cleaning floors and carpets with precision.

The beach cleanup event aimed to raise awareness about marine pollution and the importance of keeping coastlines clean.

She diligently cleaned the kitchen after preparing a delicious dinner for her family.

The housekeeper regularly cleaned all the rooms in the hotel to maintain a pristine environment for the guests.

The professional carpet cleaner used powerful equipment to thoroughly clean the carpets, removing tough stains and embedded dirt.

The dry cleaner carefully cleaned the delicate silk dress, ensuring it remained in perfect condition.

The janitor quickly cleaned up the spilled water in the hallway to prevent any accidents.

The car wash attendant meticulously cleaned the car, making sure it was spotless inside and out.

The custodian cleaned the school’s restrooms regularly to provide a hygienic and pleasant environment for the students.

The volunteers cleaned up the beach, picking up litter left behind by visitors to protect marine life.

The washing machine efficiently cleaned the dirty laundry, making the clothes fresh and ready to wear.

The homeowner cleaned the windows to let in more natural light and enjoy the view.

The cleaning crew thoroughly cleaned the post-construction mess, leaving the building looking brand new.

The environmentally-conscious individual used eco-friendly products to clean their home, reducing their impact on the environment.

The interior decorator cleaned and polished the antique furniture to restore its original beauty.

The auto detailer carefully cleaned and waxed the car, bringing back its showroom shine.

She cleaned her jewelry collection to remove any tarnish and keep it looking elegant.

The laundry service professionally cleaned and pressed the delicate fabrics, ensuring they retained their quality.

The housekeeper cleaned and organized the hotel room, creating a comfortable and inviting space for guests.

The diligent crew cleaned up the neighborhood park, clearing away trash and debris.

The thorough deep cleaning of the restaurant’s kitchen ensured a safe and sanitary food preparation area.

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