class in a sentence

I am a student of +2 class of your school.

I got a berth reserved for me in the first class compartment.

The cow is a useful animal.

I have reserved a berth in a first class compartment.

Why did you travel first class ?

She is my class fellow.

He is my class incharge.

The students of this class are very intelligent.

The teacher ordered the boys to leave the class at once.

Our class consists of twenty boys and ten girls.

He gave every student of my class a book.

Yesterday I got late for my Mathematics class on account of a traffic jam.

She was told to leave the class room.

The whole class will listen to you.

Why are you absent from the class today?

In which class do you read?

Our class consists of sixty students.

I am a student of class VII of your school.

All class rooms are cleaned.

What time will your class be over?

Everyone in this class is younger than me.

He was born into a lower middle class family.

Which class are you studying in?

Which class are you in?

In which class do you read?

Price rise has made the middle class lose hope.

The whole class laughed at his joke.

I farted in class and the teacher threw me out.

I’d like to try out the aerobics class for a day.

He bade farewell to his class fellows.

I am a student of class XI of your school.

The teacher handled the class very tactfully.

Everybody in the class watched her eagerly.

The class is over.

Synonyms Of Class – Another Words

Account, Allot, Appraise, Assess, Assign, Assort, Brand, Classify, Codify, Consider, Designate, Divide, Evaluate, Gauge, Grade, Group, Hold, Identify, Judge, Mark, Part, Pigeonhole, Rank, Rate, Reckon, Regard, Score, Separate

Antonyms Of Class – Opposite Words

Abandon, Combine, Connect, Disbelieve, Disorganize, Disregard, Ignore, Join, Keep, Neglect, Retain, Scatter, Unite