choose in a sentence

You can choose any book that you please.

At the time of elections, people cast their votes to choose their leaders.

In the olden days, it was difficult to choose a profession.

One should choose only the profession, which suits to one’s own potential.

Choose your advisers carefully, but use your own judgment.

One must choose one’s career very carefully.

I choose to keep doing things that are meaningful and special to me.

One should not choose a profession thoughtlessly and without proper planning.

You have to choose the right profession for your son.

You may choose whatever you like

It is quite difficult to choose a profession.

I passed over many candidates before I could choose this one.

Why did you choose an MBA?

Why did you choose this college?

How could he choose things so quickly?

You can choose your destination.

You have to choose a house.

It would be my pleasure if you choose to stay longer.

It is very difficult to choose a friend.

He was very careful to choose right words and use them correctly.

For a glamorous’░ lifestyle, some people choose careers in films and television.

He takes too long to choose his clothes.

I would like to choose the fine arts .

Which type of people should we choose and support ?

We go to polls to choose government.

Which book did you choose ?

I always choose the best book for my reading.

A person must have an aim to choose a career.

We must realize this and choose an active lifestyle.

We should choose our books as carefully as we choose our friends.

There should be plenty of vocational courses to choose from at the +2 level.

You have to choose between death and disgrace.

We go to polls to choose government.

I always choose the best book for my reading.

The high school stage is the best time to choose a career.

You can choose whichever thing you prefer.

Which path did you choose to travel?

Which type of people should we choose and support ?

As soon as you get pregnant you tend to carefully choose your food.

She will help me choose myself a new car.

She had to choose her words carefully.

You may choose any book you like.

Synonyms Of Choose – Another Words

Accept, Adopt, Appoint, Cast, Designate, Determine, Elect, Embrace, Favor, Judge, Love, Name, Prefer, Single Out, Take, Want, Co-Opt, Crave, Cull, Desire, Espouse, Excerpt, Extract, Fancy, Finger, Glean, Predestine, Separate, Slot, Sort, Tag, Tap, Weigh, Will, Winnow, Wish

Antonyms Of Choose – Opposite Words

Abstain, Disallow, Dislike, Hate, Ignore, Receive, Refuse, Reject, Repudiate, Repulse, Insert, Neglect, Not Want