childlike in a sentence

  1. His childlike simplicity pleased everyone.
  2. We like his childlike ha.
  3. Her childlike simplicity impressed me very much.
  4. He has childlike simplicity.
  5. The old man had a childlike smile on his lips.
  6. I like your childlike nature.
  7. Mahatma Gandhi had a childlike simplicity.
  8. My father has a childlike enthusiasm on everything that he does.
  9. I saw childlike delight and satisfaction in his eyes.
  10. His face possesses a childlike innocence.
  11. She has a childlike innocent smile.
  12. He is a man of childlike simplicity.
  13. His childlike innocence endeared him to all.
  14. He is childlike and playful.
  15. Is it better to be mature or to be childlike?
  16. Why do you behave very silly and act childlike?
  17. There is a big difference between being childish and being childlike.
  18. There is a childlike innocence about your love and friendship.
  19. He is childlike.
  20. He is childlike with no sense of malice or cunningness.
  21. He has given simple childlike answers.
  22. Do not disturb the childlike faith of the ignorant.
  23. Sometimes we become irrational and childlike.
  24. What should I do if I have a very childlike voice.
  25. Everyone likes his childlike simplicity.
  26. Her childlike simplicity must be appreciated.
  27. I like his childlike habits.
  28. We like his childlike habits.
  29. His childlike simplicity pleased everyone.
  30. Her childlike innocence appealed to all.
  31. Everyone likes her childlike simplicity.
  32. Everyone likes his childlike simplicity.
  33. Her childlike simplicity must be appreciated.
  34. His childlike laugh is charming.
  35. I couldn’t help smiling at her childlike frankness.

Synonyms Of Childlike – Another Words


  • They are all artless children.


  • Don’t be so childish.
  • We regarded his behavior as childish.
  • His way of thinking is very childish.
  • They looked on her behavior as childish.
  • He can be terribly childish


  • She is very credulous.
  • They popularize poor-stuff and thus be fool the credulous people.
  • They are not so credulous as they are blamed to be.
  • He is so credulous that he cannot be easily deceived.
  • They are credulous people.
  • He is so credulous that he trusts everybody.
  • She is a very naive and credulous girl.


  • You are too immature to realize this.
  • He is an immature boy.


  • He died a natural death.
  • It is natural to man to err.
  • This natural ingredient is replete with vitamin C.


  • They are simple and virtuous.
  • All I did was ask a simple question.
  • Write in a simple and direct way.
  • These are the best and simple ways to know if you are pregnant.
  • These super foods are simple which will build your muscles.


  • Any smile is a spontaneous expression of joy.
  • Blushing is spontaneous and cannot be in ones own control.
  • I think it should be spontaneous.
  • They broke out into spontaneous laughter.
  • The most beloved people in the world are the spontaneous.
  • I wish I could be more spontaneous.
  • He made a spontaneous offer of help.
  • I like to be spontaneous.
  • What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?


  • I am sure of his trusting you.
  • It was so sweet of her trusting me.
  • He trusts me and I’ll never betray him.
  • There is little danger in trusting him.
  • I did wrong in trusting such a fellow.
  • We are entrusting you with a mission.
  • You’re running a big risk in trusting him.
  • You did wrong in trusting too much in your ability.





Antonyms Of Childlike – Opposite Words

Complicated, Untrusting