childhood in a sentence

Jumping reminds you of your childhood days and is great fun to do.

The childhood name of Gautama Buddha was Siddhartha.

Childhood is the best age in man’s life.

Childhood is the greatest and happiest period of the lives of everyone during which one learns about the basic strategy of the life from parents, loved ones and nature.

The childhood experiences of a child can affect one’s personality a lot.

Childhood is the best time when kids can be taught moral values.

With the growing trend of nuclear families, children are increasingly deprived of proper childhood as in most nuclear.

Childhood is an innocent phase of human life.

Since my childhood, I have been a passionate to pursue a career in fashion.

He was passionate about cricket right from his childhood.

This place reminds me of my childhood.

Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work.

I have dim memories of my childhood.

Childhood experiences shape personality.

This poetry is based on childhood and childhood memories.

Sometimes when we remember our childhood days we get a smile on our faces.

Childhood is the best part of our life.

Childhood is a precious period of growth and development.

Something that we can never forget are our childhood memories.

Childhood is a state of innocence.

He has been collecting stamps since childhood.

He has been a good orator since his childhood.

His parents died in his very childhood.

This song takes me back to my childhood.

We often remember the happy days of our childhood.

I have lived in this city since childhood.

Childhood is a crucial phase of life and comes only once.

His uncle had been looking after him since his childhood.

I have a few childhood memories.

It is said that childhood is the happiest period of one’s life.

It is very pleasant to think of our childhood friends.

In childhood they are very delicate.

Since my childhood I have been living in my house.

Whenever I am in a vacant mood, the memories of my childhood come to my mind.

Gautam Buddha’s childhood name was Siddhartha.

The period of childhood is really very attractive.

Music is a part of our life right from childhood to death.

What are your childhood memories ?

childhood is the best part of life.

Shall I ever forget my childhood days ?

I shall never forget my childhood days.

What did you use to do in your childhood ?

He passed his days in childhood playing pranks.

I have a few childhood memories.

It is said that childhood is the happiest period of one’s life.

In childhood they are very delicate.

He spent his early childhood with her.

During my childhood days, I used to get excited on seeing an aeroplane flying in the sky.

Oral infections in childhood may increase the risk of cardiovascular .

From childhood I dreamt of being a pastry cook.

I remember my childhood well.

I often recall my happy childhood memories.

From childhood I was fond of reading.

He has been very kind to others.

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