check in a sentence

Parents should check their children from watching meaningless and useless TV programs.

The government is trying hard to check prices.

The Government should take steps to check the growing unemployment.

Please check my bill.

Doctors check X-ray reports of the patients.

Family planning programmes should be stepped up to check over-population.

Please make out the check to him.

There should be some strict rules and regulations by the government of the country which everyone must follow to check deforestation.

You must check your emotions.

Do you always check your work several times?

There is no check on his tongue.

I received a check from my bank.

Check your answer.

Please let me check the bill.

We should check our friends if they go wrong in life.

The government should try to do something to check the rising prices otherwise the country will go to the dogs.

I’ve come to check the accounts.

All these steps are necessary to check this growing evil.

To check the problem of indiscipline, I shall keep the students busy in extra-curricular activities.

Newspapers keep a check on the rulers.

There is no check on them.

We should check our growing population.

You can check my accounts.

You must check it hourly.

Government is trying to check the price line.

I’ll meet you at the check-out counter.

You must go for an ear check up regularly.

You can check the oil for adulteration with a simple test.

Let’s try other ways to check your heart’s condition.

Synonyms Of Check – Another Words

Analyze, Confirm, Correct, Find Out, Go Through, Investigate, Look At, Monitor, Probe, Review, Scrutinize, Study, Test, Try, Verify, Ascertain, Audit, Candle, Case, Compare, Count, Eyeball, Frisk, Note, Overlook, Prove, Quiz, Tell

Antonyms Of Check – Opposite Words

Disprove, Forget, Ignore, Invalidate, Neglect, Estimate, Guess, Aid, Allow, Assist, Expedite, Help, Indulge, Liberate, Permit