cheat in a sentence

Don’t you know that he is a notorious cheat ?

You dare not cheat me.

To cheat others is wrong.

It was not proper for you to cheat her.

He tried to cheat me.

If you cheat me I will take you to the Police Station.

They cheat the customers in order to get a big margin of profit.

He is a cheat of the first water.

It never pays to cheat our friends.

He is a cheat.

In fact he is a clever cheat.

He will not cheat you ?

They don’t cheat others.

She can’t cheat anyone.

However clever he is, he can’t cheat you.

I shall not cheat you.

I am afraid that he is a cheat.

People know that he is a cheat.

Some students tear leaves from help books or write answers on bits of papers and try to cheat in the examinations.

Never cheat anybody.

Before you cheat others, you have to cheat yourself.

We should never cheat innocent people.

I will not cheat you for anything on this earth.

You will regret to cheat me.

I have no intention to cheat or upset you.

How could you cheat him?

It’s natural to feel angry when people cheat you.

How can you stand by and let them cheat your friend?

Do not cheat others.

He has cheated me of five hundred rupees.

Sooner or later, a cheat will be caught.

I cannot get along with a cheat and a swindler like you.

How clever of him to cheat her!

She will perceive you as a cheat.

Will you cheat your own friends ?

You dare not cheat me.

It is a sin to cheat others.

He is too simple to cheat anyone.

Does she cheat anybody ?

Will you cheat your own friends ?

He is a cheat I shall not deal with him.

Do not cheat anyone.

It is shameful to cheat your friend.

Don’t cheat him.

She will cheat him.

Never did I dream that he would cheat me.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in the examination.

He was trying to cheat me out of my money.

I felt like hitting him when he tried to cheat me.

Don’t try and cheat others.

Synonyms Of Cheat – Another Words

Bilk, Con, Deceive, Defraud, Delude, Dupe, Fleece, Hoodwink, Mislead, Swindle, Trick, Victimize, Bamboozle, Beat, Beguile, Bleed, Bunco, Burn, Caboodle, Chisel, Cozen, Crib, Cross, Diddle, Do, Finagle, Flimflam, Fudge, Gouge, Gyp, Hose, Milk, Ream, Rook, Sandbag, Scam, Screw, Shaft, Short, Shuck, Skin, Snow, Stiff, Sucker, Take, Trim, Two-Time

Antonyms Of Cheat – Opposite Words

Be Honest, Give, Help, Protect, Aid, Assist, Fail, Lose, Offer

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