charm in a sentence

I was simply bewitched by its charm.

I was attracted by the charm of her personality.

Rosy lips and cheeks lose their charm after some time.

Natural scenes charm us with their exquisite beauty.

All the joys of the world have no charm for an unhealthy man.

Night has its own charm.

A visit to a hill station has its own charm.

It holds a great charm for everyone.

Travels and trips hold a great charm.

Hills have a charm of their own.

She possess extraordinary charm ?

Life has no charm for him.

The heat season has its own charm.

Hills, valleys, meadows and forest have a great charm.

Life has no charm for him.

Autumn has a charm of its own.

Timidity reduces the charm of a man’s personality.

A true friend multiplies the charm in your life.

In today’s world, man is running after earning wealth in the charm of which he is neglecting his health.

Life has lost its charm for the average breadwinner.

It’s my lucky charm.

Synonyms Of Charm – Another Words

Appeal, Beauty, Charisma, Glamour, Grace, Magic, It, Agreeableness, Allurement, Attraction, Attractiveness, Bewitchery, Chemistry, Conjuration, Desirability, Fascination, Lure, Magnetism, Pizzazz, Sorcery, Spell, Witchery

Antonyms Of Charm – Opposite Words

Ugliness, Repulsion

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