character in a sentence

If the character of the people is improved, many of the problems would take care of themselves.

Education moulds the character and personality of a man.

Character is everything in a man’s life.

A man’s character is his true image.

Our character is our success.

The deeds of a person determine his character.

She is one of the few actors who can mould herself according to the character.

He has a charming personality and bears a good moral character.

The chief factor in any man’s success or failure is his own character.

He is a person of good character.

Character is preferable to wealth.

The court censured him for his bad character.

Good books shape our character.

He is a shameful character.

He is a man of fine character.

An honest man is a man of high character, so he is trusted by others.

Be careful about your character.

The backbone of character is laid at home.

Education develops man’s character and makes him able citizen.

He is a man of fine character.

A man of character is respected and loved by all.

The notion that education builds our character is no longer prevalent.

It is the first and foremost responsibility of all educational institutions to inculcate values and build the character of students to serve their society .

I am in need of a character certificate from you.

They have a great role in the character formation of children.

Women can build up the character of children.

How does regular work build up character ?

She is the principal character in the story.

He is a man of character and he will always call a sapde a spade.

Every character every personality has their own set of flaws.

A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.

Everyone has a character of his own.

His character resembles his father’s.