One thought on “Change the voice I have got a blue velvet egg.”

  1. The bell stopped ringing and she was late. She would be caned, she had no excuse. She heard the Lord’s prayer and the hymn as she took off her hat and cape, and hung them on the hook. She listened to the high voices and watched the door handle, waiting to slip in at the sound of Amen. Her little red tongue glided over the palm of her hand, to prepare for the inevitable. There was a shuffle of feet and she turned the knob. All eyes switched her way as she walked up to the desk. “Any excuse, Susan Garland?” She dumbly held out her hand. Down came the cane three times on the soft flesh. Biting her lip and keeping back the tears she walked to her place, and bound her handkerchief round the hot stinging palm. Yes there were three marks, three red stripes across it. Curious eyes watched her to see if she would cry, and she smiled round and whispered, “It didn’t hurt a bit,” but her hand was throbbing under her handkerchief, and the fingers curled protectively round it as if they were sorry. It was an honour to be caned and to bear the stroked unflinchingly. Susan showed her marks to the girls round her, and then whispered, “I’ve got a blue velvet egg. Tell you about it at playtime.”

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