certain in a sentence

She is certain of herself and her choices.

I am certain that you have been selected for the post.

Today, the world is moving so rapidly that we cannot be certain of anything.

Motivation is the process of energizing, firing oneself to achieve certain conscious or sub-conscious goals.

A government imposes certain restrictions on its citizens.

I am certain that I shall give you satisfaction.

I am certain that this man is trying to trick us into some trap.

They were right to a certain extent.

It is certain that he will reach home tonight.

Since he is certain to be late, why wait for him ?

You must apply early, or you cannot be certain of getting a place.

It is certain that he will waste his time.

I cannot say for certain when I shall be back.

I am not certain of success.

Their success is certain in that case.

Certain courtesies will be observed at all times.

Synonyms Of Certain – Another Words

Convinced, Positive, Sure, Assertive, Assured, Believing, Calm, Cocksure, Questionless, Sanguine, Satisfied, Secure

Antonyms Of Certain – Opposite Words

Doubtful, Indefinite, Uncertain, Unsure, Doubting, Dubious, Faltering, Hesitant, Questionable, Unconfident, Undecided, Unfixed

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