centre in a sentence

We stayed at hotel then centre of town.

There is a big pond in the centre of the village.

He is the centre of attraction everywhere.

The big cities are the centre of all types of trades, medical facilities, education and business.

A village well is the centre of activity, especially in the morning hours.

She was the centre of attraction to everyone.

Did you take it to a mobile service centre?

We don’t live very far from the centre of town.

Mumbai is a centre of textile mills.

My apartment was in the centre of the city.

The college canteen is a centre of great attraction for the students.

The concert was held at the arts centre last night.

The streets of the city centre are very busy at this hour.

He was the centre of attraction.

Money has become the centre of all activities.

There is a big hall in the centre of the building.

He gave the ball a hard kick and it went rolling right into the centre of the ground.

The exhibition becomes the centre of attraction of the whole city.

We don’t live very far from the centre of town.

I was in the centre of the room.

Conversion row takes centre stage at Shaheedi Jor Mela The Tribune https:

What had happened away from the centre of the town ?

Place this plate on the centre of the table.

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