celebrate in a sentence

Do you plan to celebrate the occasion?

I have decided to celebrate this birthday at my home.

Different people celebrate Diwali for different reasons.

My father decided to celebrate my birthday by giving a tea party.

We all will celebrate this Diwali with great enthusiasm.

I have decided to celebrate it on a grand scale.

We shall celebrate the victory.

Different people at different places celebrate their marriages in different ways.

Children like to celebrate their birthdays and cut the cake.

He used to celebrate his birthdays with family and friends.

Why do we celebrate Teachers’ day in India?

How did you celebrate your birthday?

We shall celebrate the victory.

We must have a party to celebrate this.

I celebrated my birthday with full pomp and show this year.

It is time to prepare desserts and celebrate the festival with your loved ones.

How do you intend to celebrate Christmas?

Synonyms Of Celebrate – Another Words

Honor, Laud, Observe, Perform, Praise, Proclaim, Revere, Bless, Carouse, Commend, Consecrate, Dedicate, Eulogize, Exalt, Extol, Feast, Fete, Glorify, Hallow, Jubilate, Keep, Lionize, Memorialize, Party, Publicize, Rejoice, Revel, Ritualize, Signalize, Solemnize

Antonyms Of Celebrate – Opposite Words

Blame, Denounce, Reproach, Be Sad, Castigate, Condemn, Criticize, Debase, Deny, Disapprove, Humiliate, Refuse

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