how to use cautious in a Sentence

I advised him to be cautious against his enemies.

He was cautious.

I always try to be cautious.

It was cautious of him to lock the door.

They’re cautious planners.

He made a cautious suggestion.

He is cautious of offending anybody.

I am quite cautious of his activities.

As he was cautious, he had less problem.

He is cautious in his business dealings.

He entreated them to be cautious.

Be cautious till you are out of the wood.

Why should a climber need to be very cautious in his attempt?

He had the capacity to help me but he didn’t.

The driver had to be very cautious at speed breakers.

I was very cautious about it.

You should cautious about strangers.

I don’t think he will lend you a thousand rupees as he is very cautious with money.

Walk cautiously.

The use of cautious and polite words creates friends for us.

We should be cautious in spending electricity at home and offices.

He is a very cautious person.