caused in a sentence

Rain is caused by the monsoon in summer in India.

Environmental pollution has been caused by the expanding industrialization and the use of more vehicles run by petrol and diesel.

Rains are caused by clouds.

Deforestation has caused extinction of certain species of birds and animals as they lose their habitat.

Accidents are caused due to carelessness.

Physical diseases are caused by the irregularities and imbalances that occur in the body.

Malaria is caused by mosquitoes which breed and spread on standing water.

This news caused sensation in the whole town.

The crash was caused by a faulty engine.

The influence of online shopping has caused problems for many high street shops.

She is responsible for the loss caused due to her negligence.

What has caused the ship to sink ?

The agitators caused obstruction to the traffic.

Her husband’s death caused her deep sorrow.

Accidents are caused by careless driving.

Bombing caused a complete destruction.

He expressed his regrets for the loss caused.

You have caused us much harm.

Deceases are caused by bacteria or viruses.

A severe accident caused his death at the instant.

Malaria is caused by mosquitoes.

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and the sun.

This shocking news caused a sensation in the whole town.

The news of the war caused turmoil round the whole world.

The death of his mother caused him agony and sorrow.

The storm has caused unprecedented devastation of the city.

Floods caused much damage.

The floods caused terrible havoc this year.

The beggar caused all of us to weep.

Who caused it ?

The carelessness of the driver caused the accident.

I am sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience.

The whole neighbourhood is sick and tired of the disturbance caused.

Accidents are almost an everyday occurrence caused due to the rash driving.

The bright sunlight caused him to squint.

My headache is caused by a blocked sinus.

The flood washed away many villages and caused havoc in the state.

This disease is caused by a germ.

Her illness was caused mainly by her working in the sun.

They were caused by supernatural forces.

I apologise deeply for the inconvenience caused to you

The earth-quake lasted only one minute, but it caused a wide spread damage to life and property.

You caused me a heavy loss.

The tsunami in South Asia was caused by a powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

It is caused by the Human Immune Deficiency Virus.

The 1999 Super Cyclone caused huge loss of life and property in the Odisha coast.

Many accidents are caused by careless driving.

I’m sorry for any trouble I’ve caused.

This can be caused by bad driving.

The destruction caused by a thunderstorm is appalling.

The floods have caused a great deal of destruction.

Most of the pollution is caused by factories, vehicles and livestock.

What caused the explosion?

Synonyms Of Caused – Another Words

Begin, Create, Generate, Induce, Lead To, Make, Precipitate, Produce, Provoke, Brainstorm, Breed, Compel, Effect, Elicit, Engender, Evoke, Hatch, Incite, Introduce, Kickoff, Kindle, Let, Motivate, Muster, Occasion, Open, Originate, Revert, Secure

Antonyms Of Caused – Opposite Words

Destroy, Discourage, End, Halt, Prevent, Ruin, Stop, Block, Close, Cover, Delay, Deter, Finish, Hide, Hinder, Impede, Keep, Obstruct, Repress

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