caught in a sentence

He was caught pilfering goods from the store.

He caught a butterfly.

You have not caught the point.

He was caught in a snow storm.

She caught me by the ear.

The Policeman has caught the thief.

We are always caught between tension and peace.

She has caught cold.

He committed many thefts before being caught.

I caught a hare yesterday.

I was caught in heavy traffic this morning.

The police pursued the thief and caught him.

The cat caught a rat in her paws.

He has been caught red-handed by the Vigilance department while he was receiving a bribe of Rs 5,000.

A boat was caught in the vortex of a whirlpool at sea.

I am caught in this terrible thunderstorm,

Because of you this gang has been caught.

We caught a thief last night.

The thief ran away lest he should be caught.

He was caught red handed copying from a book and was expelled.

He is caught red handed in committing a crime.

The policeman who caught the thief is a very strict person.

I caught cold yesterday.

I think I’ve caught a cold.

Leave the room, otherwise you will be caught.

The thief was caught red-handed.

The murderer was caught red handed.

The teacher caught me doing mischief.

The culprit was caught red handed.

When he explained his plan I caught on to his motive.

He was caught napping

The murderer was caught by the police.

If I had reached in time, I would have caught the train.

Had you run fast, you would have caught the train.

Have the police caught the thief ?

You have not caught my point.

If you had run fast, you would have caught the train.

The thieves have been caught.

The policeman caught the thief by the neck.

The police had caught the thief.

He caught hold of the horse’s mane.

The man who was a thief has been caught.

The man who committed the theft last night was caught.

I caught him from his neck.

The teachers caught the student sleeping.

They were caught red-handed.

Caught by the wicket keeper he walked back to the pavilion.

I saw a bird caught in a net.

Leave the room otherwise you will be caught.

He has caught cold.

The thief was caught by the police.

I caught him stealing the purse.

He tried to flee from the sight, but he was caught.

He was caught with a pistol.

The thief was caught red handed.

I caught a bird.

The people had caught the thief before the police reached.

The pick-pocket was caught.

The clerk was caught red-handed while taking bribe from a man.

The accused remained in hiding for a few months but was then caught.

He forged the Managing Director’s signature but was caught in time.

The police caught the thief.

I caught a chill.

He had a narrow escape from being caught.

The police came and caught the thief red handed.

The murderer was caught red handed by the police.

He is caught in great trouble.

The police caught the thief red handed.

We had been unexpectedly caught in a snow flurry.

He caught the train at the eleventh hour.

He was caught red handed accepting the hush money.

He was caught red-handed copying from a piece of paper.

He was caught red-handed.

If I had reached there in time, I would have caught the train.

The policeman caught the thief.

Now jeans and tight trousers have caught the fancy of the young people .

The man whom they caught was a thief.

I caught him by the shoulder.

I caught two thieves last night.

When I was returning from school, I was caught in a shower.

He cannot be caught as he is quick.

He has caught a Tartar.

The thief was caught by a policeman.

He was cut to the quick when his father caught him gambling.

He was ill at ease when I caught him copying.

He felt small when he was caught copying.

He was on tauter hooks when the teacher caught him copying.

I have caught many of them.

I caught him by the neck.

Synonyms Of Caught – Another Words

Arrested, Captured, Entangled, Seized

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