carefully in a sentence

One should speak carefully.

Please read the above passage carefully and answer the question that follow.

Read the newspaper carefully.

Choose your words carefully.

He observed all kinds of people carefully and learnt much from them.

I listened to each and every word carefully so that I did not miss out anything.

Carefully read the table of contents of this book.

Choose your mentor carefully.

He takes every step in life very carefully.

Please look into the matter carefully.

Please listen to me carefully.

Keep this carefully.

I answered carefully.

Handle Your Marital Problems Carefully.

Always drive carefully.

Deal with them carefully.

You need to follow these suggestions carefully.

Choose your words carefully.

Park your vehicles carefully.

Read it carefully.

Please listen to me carefully.

Speak carefully.

Please hold it carefully.

Do it very carefully to avoid damage.

Everyone should choose their words carefully.

Utilise your time carefully.

Please read it carefully.

Cast your vote carefully.

Use electronic gadgets carefully.

Tread carefully while choosing a career.

Speak carefully While in Public Place.

Attend carefully to what the instructor says.

Listen carefully lest you should forget.

Read your lesson carefully.

He works in the office carefully.

Talk carefully.

Walk carefully.

Walk carefully lest you should fall.

It is always better to drive carefully.

I read my book carefully.

Speak carefully lest you should falter.

You should do your work carefully.

She is looking after her children very carefully these days.

Go over the pros and cons of the case carefully.

Handle the crockery carefully.

You are being watched carefully.

Read it over carefully.

We listened to his speech carefully.

The teacher ordered the students to listen to him carefully.

We examined the document carefully.

The owner of the shop advises his workers to attend to the customers carefully.

He went over the whole account carefully.

Study this book carefully.

He usually writes carefully.

Not all students do their lessons carefully.

We’ll think it over carefully.

She listens carefully.

We’ll think over the plan carefully.

My sister doesn’t read carefully enough.

She writes carefully.

Read the paper carefully and finish it in time.

Walk carefully lest you should stumble.

Walk carefully lest you should slip.

He examined the document carefully.

You must steer your car carefully.

Walk down the stairs carefully.

She ironed her uniform carefully.

Speak carefully so that you don’t have to eat your words.

The teacher examined the answer book carefully.

I took down his notes carefully.

He is watching you very carefully.

Mark my words carefully.

He drives carefully.

Read the questions carefully and answer them in your own words.

You have to do it carefully.

He works carefully.

Parents should carefully monitor what their children play or see.

Please listen to the text carefully.

Study the question carefully and thoroughly.

Go through the account books carefully.

Read the passage carefully and try to understand what it means.

Read through the list carefully.

Read the paragraph carefully.

Read the letter carefully.

He drives more carefully than you

He does his work carefully.

Listen carefully.

Take down carefully whatever I say.

We have considered your application carefully.

Walk carefully lest you should fall down.

Read the following sentences carefully.

Revise carefully what you have written.

Read the above passage carefully and answer the following questions.

Study carefully the following paragraphs :

We did it carefully so that none should see it.

Listen carefully to what I say.

Listen carefully to what I have to say.

Read the question-paper carefully before beginning to attempt the questions.

He spends money carefully in order that he can save something.

We assure you that the sets were very carefully packed.

Attend carefully to what the instructor says.

Attend carefully to what he instructs you.

Please watch carefully his actions.

He does carefully all his work.

The sick should be carefully looked after.

Walk carefully lest you should fall.

Study the following examples carefully .

Attend carefully to what the instructor says.

He looked carefully at the signature.

Walk carefully lest your should sprain your foot.

Read the following examples carefully.

Think carefully before jumping into others affairs as the tables may turn .

Many purchases are carefully thought out.

We should weigh the options carefully before making a decision.

You have to open the envelope carefully so as not to damage the cheque.

We listened carefully in order not to miss a single word.

Listen carefully to what I say.

I stepped carefully on the accelerator.

Watch carefully how to do it.

Drive carefully.

He carefully flossed his top teeth.

He looked at it carefully.

He researched each school carefully.

He searched carefully for it but it was no where to be found.

He shaved carefully around his Adam’s apple.

He watched me carefully.

See the car carefully before you buy it.

She drives not carefully but slowly.

The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.

We should weigh the options carefully before making a decision.

The police carefully investigated the cause of the accident.

He carefully read over the contract.

You’d better examine the contract carefully before signing.

You have to open the envelope carefully so as not to damage the cheque.

All her carefully made plans began to unravel one by one.

Listen carefully to what I say.

We listened carefully in order not to miss a single word.

She has been suffering from cough and high fever, and requires to be carefully nursed.

In order to get maximum pleasure as well as benefit out of reading, we should carefully and judiciously choose our reading material.

Study the following examples carefully.

Read the given passage carefully again and again until you have understood the main ideas clearly.

A reader should handle the books carefully so that no pages are torn and no books are misplaced.

Read the given passage carefully and try to understand the central idea.

Attend carefully to his instructions.

This is a very important Rule and must be very carefully observed.

Read the passage carefully twice or thrice until the meaning of the passage is totally clear to you.

Study them carefully as they are often wrongly used.

Read carefully the passage below and write your answers to the questions that follow in clear, correct and concise language .

We must go about it very carefully so that no life is endangered.

Study the following examples carefully.

He had trained it carefully to protect his property.

He had trained it carefully to protect his property.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

It was a carefully laid out plot.

Read the following examples carefully

Go through your financial records carefully and ensure that everything is in apple pie order.

Synonyms for carefully


They waited anxiously for results.

All seem to be anxiously waiting ,for their buses.

The students were anxiously waiting for their result.

A week-end is always anxiously looked forward to.

They waited anxiously for results.

I am anxiously awaiting your arrival on Friday morning.

We all kept on waiting anxiously for this day of the month.


She listens attentively to the class lectures.

They listened attentively so as not to miss a single word.

The teacher listened attentively to my explanation.


The address was written by me correctly and legibly on the money order form.

I was flushed with childish pleasure and pride.

All bathroom users don’t wash hands correctly.


You are deliberately copying it.

She deliberately ignored me on the street.

He deliberately kept on provoking a confrontation.

He deliberately broke the window.

He deliberately ignored me when I passed him in the street.

She deliberately exposed him to danger.


She is delicately constituted.


He has been serving the school most faithfully for about twenty years.

The scheme was implemented faithfully.

He served you faithfully.


I am fully prepared.

I fully agree with you.

The hotel is fully booked.

I fully agree with those who say this.

As time passes, both of them are fully grown.


The coup was meticulously executed.

It is from you that I have learnt how to meticulously plan time.

Every element is meticulously designed.

The blasts were meticulously planned .


This is precisely what I am doing:

What precisely does that mean?


He behaved prudently under the circumstances.

He behaved as prudently as any man would do under the circumstances.


You must remain scrupulously aboveboard in your dealings.


Our visit to the circus was thoroughly delightful.

I am thoroughly ashamed.

The management is thoroughly bad.

Who has prepared this chapter thoroughly ?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in their company.

Shake the mixture thoroughly before giving it to the child.

They had been thoroughly well trained.

Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Have you studied the subject thoroughly ?

He was thoroughly drenched.

Mix thoroughly.

We went over the house thoroughly before buying it.

The police thoroughly searched the house.

The candidates thoroughly argued the point.

We were thoroughly satisfied with his work.

He is thoroughly familiar with the business.

He is a thoroughly dishonest character.

They got thoroughly wet in the rain.


He thoughtfully gave me a helping hand.




Antonyms for Carefully


I carelessly allowed the door to stand open.

The chapters of this book are carelessly written.

He put his things carelessly in the drawer.

He drove carelessly and had an accident.

They were carelessly unaware of the danger.

They’ll be attacked if they carelessly express an original viewpoint.

I carelessly ran into the telegraph pole.

I carelessly dropped a vase.

I carelessly deleted your e-mail address.

The barn door had been carelessly left unlatched.


He was born with an incompletely formed heart valve.


I can partially see out of one eye.

The mule was partially relieved the load.

His story is partially true.

I partially understand what he means.

He admitted that it was partially his fault.


If you go on borrowing money thoughtlessly you are bound to get into hot water.





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