careful in a sentence

You need to be careful about your scalp.

We should be very careful about our health.

The Prime Minister has asked the people to be careful of the divisive forces.

You should be careful about your food.

We should be very careful about the choice of a profession.

We should be careful in our behaviour, action and speech, particularly in the presence of children.

You need to be very careful in choosing your words.

It is better to be careful to start a friendship with those who try to project themselves as your well wishers or friends.

Be careful in choosing your company.

Be careful while signing agreements.

People should be careful for taking selfies in dangerous situations.

We should be very careful while talking.

Be careful about appraisal and criticism.

We should be very careful about whom we trust, because our future depends on these relationships.

Be careful of selfish and ungrateful people.

Be careful of wicked people.

He a careful listener.

He advised me to be more careful in future.

I’m careful about eating.

He always writes carefully.

I always try to be careful.

They aren’t always careful about their work.

He wrote very careful reports.

I was not as careful as you were.

He is a careful worker.

Please be careful about the diet.

She ought to have been more careful.

He was not careful enough.

Be careful about your wealth.

He is not always careful.

Be careful while taking the advice of strangers.

One must be careful about one’s health.

You are advised to be careful.

Be careful of this man.

I made a careful study of facts.

If you are careful you’ll have less trouble.

She is careful this time lest she should fail again.

He is careful in his business dealings.

You should be careful about your dress.

Everyone should be careful of his heath.

When we go out at night, we have to be careful.

Everyone should be careful of his teeth.

Be careful, or you will hurt yourself.

Be careful what the people think of you.

You must be careful when you cross the street.

He is always careful.

Be careful in studies.

She is very careful about her dress.

You have to be careful.

Be careful not to do such things again.

Make careful study of this problem.

She is careful about her health.

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