Care-word meaning in hindi

Noun : हिफ़ाज़त, सरपरस्ती, परवा, एहतियात, सावधानी, संरक्षण, रखवाली, रक्षा, परवाह, ध्यान, देखभाल, देख-रेख, ज़िम्मेदारी, चौकसी, चिन्ता, चिंता, परवरिश, चाह

Verb : चिंता करना, देखरेख करना, फ़िक्र करना, चिंतित होना, मन में लाना, परवाह करना, चिन्ता करना, देखभाल करना, ध्यान देना, सेवा करना, देख-रेख करना, सँभालना,

Example Sentences :

Take proper care of your health and give it top priority.

They care more for films and fashions than for books and lectures.

I don’t care for standing in queues.

I shouldn’t care to take on the job.

You don’t care for science fiction, do you?

Does he care for horror movies?

Take care of yourselves.

If you’d care to see the photographs I’ll bring them round.

This medicine will take care of your headache.

He does not care so much for what the State does for him, as for what he can do for the State.

They do not care for their country so much as for their selfish ends.

But he treated me with the same kindness and care as before.

Please take care not to break this vase.

Take care that every sentence you write is clear and complete.

I felt relieved when all the troubles were taken care of.

Would you care for another cup of coffee?

You are old enough to take care of yourself.

Our little children were taken care of by the babysitter.

I don’t care how much you say you love me. I know your feelings for her haven’t changed.

I do not care for her opinion.

One should take care of one’s health.

He takes great care of his health.

He plays to the best of his ability and then does not care whether he wins or loses.

Society must take care of its old people.

Some men must hurt the things they care for.

I don’t care for this.

Let bygones be bygones, take care in future.

That is true, we shall take care about that.

We should take care of our books.

He does not care for rain or shine.

Take care of him as long as he is here.

She tells you that she does not care for you.

Machines need great care for a smooth running.

I take great care of it.

Good care should be taken in the selection of books.

You should take care of your health a bit more.

They did not care for runs.

He did not care much for it.

Please take care of tWo baby while I am out.

If you take care of your money, you will be happy in your old age.

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