captured in a sentence

The army captured the hill after a tough battle.

He captured this very image.

I captured the entire episode in a video.

There are many myths that have captured the minds of people.

The inside area of the shape will be captured for the screenshot.

How is an image captured by the camera?

How is solar energy captured and stored?

She captured the sounds of a subway station on tape.

Why have you captured me?

Our army captured the terrorists last week.

If you cross this line, you will be captured.

He was captured after a long chase.

Can a mirage be captured by the camera?

I have captured many beautiful scenes in my camera.

Synonyms Of Captured – Another Words

Apprehend, Arrest, Catch, Conquer, Grab, Occupy, Pick Up, Round Up, Secure, Seize, Snatch, Take, Trap, Bag, Bust, Collar, Cop, Get, Hook, Land, Nab, Nail, Net, Overwhelm, Pinch, Prehend, Snare, Tumble

Antonyms Of Captured – Opposite Words

Be Immune, Fail, Forfeit, Free, Give, Give Up, Let Go, Lose, Misunderstand, Offer, Receive, Release, Surrender, Yield, Liberate

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