capricious in a sentence

She was often capricious and impertinent, yet she was never out of temper.

Her capricious nature makes her difficult to work with.

He is known to be capricious.

The capricious weather has brought respite to residents from the warm and humid days.

No other has behaved in such a capricious manner as you did in this meeting.

Life is very capricious.

He is an arrogant and capricious man.

It is arbitrary and capricious and costs so much money.

For me, this game is tough and capricious.

He is a great scholar but he is a bit capricious.

In God’s government there is nothing partial or capricious.

She is capricious.

Life is very capricious.

They’re known to be capricious.

She is known for her capricious nature.

The word “capricious” is an adjective.

Because of his capricious nature, he found it hard to keep a steady job.

I am a capricious person.

His capricious statement hurt my feelings.

She is hard and haughty and capricious to the last degree.

My boss once told me I was capricious.

Nature is whimsical and capricious.

The weather is capricious these highway.

The CEO’s capricious decision to change the company’s direction without consulting anyone caused chaos among the employees.

The capricious cat would often change its favorite spot to sleep, moving from the couch to the armchair to the bed.

Jason’s capricious taste in music means he can go from loving a song one day to hating it the next.

The capricious wind blew in different directions, making it challenging for the sailors to navigate their boats.

The capricious toddler refused to eat her favorite food, even though she loved it just the day before.

The capricious artist would often start a project and abandon it halfway through, leaving behind a trail of unfinished works.

The capricious customer changed his mind multiple times before finally settling on a purchase, frustrating the salesperson.

Sarah’s capricious shopping habits often lead to impulsive purchases that she later regrets.

The capricious nature of politics can result in unexpected policy changes and reversals.

The capricious waves of the ocean made it challenging for the surfers to catch a good wave.

The capricious cat toyed with its prey, alternately pouncing and then walking away, leaving the poor mouse confused and scared.

The capricious nature of technology means that what is cutting-edge today may become outdated tomorrow.

The capricious behavior of the referee during the game frustrated both teams, as the rules seemed to change arbitrarily.

The capricious artist painted with bold strokes one day and delicate details the next, constantly exploring new styles and techniques.

The capricious driver constantly changed lanes without signaling, causing frustration and confusion for other drivers on the road.

The capricious child insisted on wearing mismatched socks, regardless of the occasion or outfit.

The capricious thunderstorm arrived suddenly, drenching everything in its path and then disappearing just as quickly.

The capricious customer demanded a refund for a perfectly functioning product, citing trivial reasons and changing their complaints multiple times.

The capricious fashion trends of the season dictated that oversized hats were in one week and out the next, leaving fashion enthusiasts puzzled.

The capricious nature of online algorithms means that your social media feed can change dramatically based on a single interaction or search.

The capricious boss frequently changed the project’s requirements, making it difficult for the team to stay on track and deliver satisfactory results.

The capricious train schedule was known for delays and last-minute cancellations, causing frustration among commuters.

The capricious dancer improvised their moves on stage, surprising the audience and keeping them captivated with their unpredictable performance.

The capricious cat owner delighted in spoiling their pet with a wide array of toys and treats, often changing their preferences on a whim.

The capricious weather conditions forced the outdoor event to be rescheduled multiple times, leaving organizers and attendees frustrated.

The capricious nature of love led them to fall madly in love one moment and question their feelings the next.

The capricious artist followed no set schedule, sometimes painting for hours on end and other times going weeks without picking up a brush.

The capricious politician made promises during the campaign but quickly changed their stance once in office, leaving constituents feeling betrayed.

The capricious child’s imagination knew no bounds, as they would pretend to be a superhero one moment and a princess the next.

The capricious traffic patterns in the city often resulted in unexpected congestion and delays, causing frustration for commuters.

The capricious chef experimented with unique flavor combinations, resulting in dishes that were either a culinary masterpiece or a complete disaster.

The capricious movie director had a reputation for changing the script on a whim, keeping the cast and crew on their toes.

The capricious puppy would chew on anything within reach, from shoes to furniture, causing constant mischief for its owners.

The capricious investor quickly jumped from one hot stock to another, seeking quick gains but risking significant losses.

The capricious twists and turns of the mystery novel kept readers guessing until the very end, with unexpected revelations at every chapter.

The capricious teenager’s mood swings made it challenging for their parents to navigate their emotions and understand their needs.

The capricious traffic lights seemed to change at random intervals, leading to confusion and occasional accidents at busy intersections.

The capricious singer would spontaneously change the melody and lyrics during live performances, adding an element of surprise for the audience.

The capricious garden had a variety of plants that bloomed and withered without any apparent pattern, creating an ever-changing landscape.

The capricious student had a habit of starting multiple projects simultaneously and abandoning them halfway through, much to the frustration of their teachers.

The capricious fashion designer disregarded seasonal trends and created their own unique styles, often surprising the industry with their unconventional choices.

The capricious winds of the desert shifted the sand dunes constantly, reshaping the landscape and making it difficult to navigate.

The capricious customer’s demands were ever-changing, requiring the sales team to adapt quickly to meet their evolving preferences.

The capricious melody of the music drifted through the air, captivating listeners with its unpredictable twists and turns.

The capricious time management skills of the employee often resulted in missed deadlines and rushed work, causing tension in the workplace.

Synonyms Of Capricious – Another Words

Arbitrary, Careless, Erratic, Fickle, Flighty, Helter-Skelter, Impulsive, Quirky, Temperamental, Unpredictable, Unreasonable, Unstable, Volatile, Wayward, Whimsical

Antonyms Of Capricious – Opposite Words

Cautious, Constant, Predictable, Reasonable, Reliable, Sensible, Stable, Steady, Thoughtful, Unchanging

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