capable in a sentence

She is not capable of working hard.

He is capable of doing this work.

He is a capable administrator.

Not one of you capable of doing this.

He is not capable of doing this work.

Though he is young, he is very capable.

He is not capable of doing this work.

Our army is capable of looking after our borders.

I am capable of doing hard work.

He is capable of anything.

It is important to have knowledge to make a person capable of doing something in his life.

He is capable of doing this work.

Words are capable of creating epochs and causing revolutions.

He is capable of solving the problem.

She is a very capable manager.

You are capable of doing great deeds.

He is so capable that he does not require any advice.

He is a very capable headmaster.

He is capable of teaching the tenth class.

Synonyms Of Capable – Another Words

Able, Accomplished, Adept, Adequate, Competent, Efficient, Experienced, Gifted, Good, Intelligent, Proficient, Qualified, Skillful, Suited, Talented

Antonyms Of Capable – Opposite Words

Clumsy, Green, Ignorant, Inadequate, Incapable, Incompetent, Ineffective, Inefficient, Inept, Inexperienced, Powerless, Stupid, Unable, Unintelligent, Unqualified, Unskilled, Unsuitable, Untalented, Useless, Weak

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