calamity in a sentence

The earthquake caused great calamity for the people.

An earthquake is a natural calamity.

I did not know how to face this calamity.

What is a natural calamity?

Have you survived any natural calamity?

He was bewildered when the sudden calamity befell him.

Who is responsible for this calamity?

Now a days man is suffering from many incidence of natural calamity.

Save your wealth against future calamity.

Many villages and cities were affected because of this natural calamity.

This is really a calamity.

We should always be prepared to meet any natural calamity.

Our country faces natural calamity every year.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity.

When man tinker with nature, it will result in natural calamity.

The First World War was a calamity for Germany and Europe.

We are trying to find a reason behind this calamity.

It is high time to make preparations to tackle any calamity.

It is natural calamity.

They were evacuated from calamity-hit areas.

He has saved money to feed his family in the event of any calamity.

It is a great calamity.

A rainy day in winter is considered a calamity.

If the monsoon fails again this year, it will be a calamity.

It is a good insurance against sudden calamity.

It is a good insurance against sudden calamity.

Had you been more careful, such a calamity would not have befallen us.

It is a good insurance against sudden calamity.

A rainy day in winter is considered a calamity.

Save me from this calamity.

It is a great calamity.

Where is the calamity that can mar my cheerfulness?

He prophesied that a dreadful calamity would happen.

Dogs are very sensitive to natural calamities and become very restless before a natural calamity actually occurs.

Synonyms Of Calamity – Another Words


Out of adversity comes strength.

Face adversity with courage.

We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.


Her mind was beaten to the ground by the catastrophe Her mood was unaccountably chilled


They collapse soon after their completion.

Why did he collapse on the ground?

It can also result in the collapse of modern civilization.

You may expect the collapse .

They seemed about to collapse at any moment.


Who is the man sitting cross legged on the bench ?

You’ll have to cross the line by the footbridge.

I had a visa so I was allowed to cross the frontier.

They talked for hours at cross purposes.

I saw her cross the road.

It is very difficult to cross this hurdle.

I cross the rail tracks every morning.


These new curtains don’t go well with the rugs.

The curtains and the carpet are a good match.

She takes pity on him and hides him behind the curtains in her room.

The color of the curtains is beginning to fade.

The curtains blend well with the furniture.

The windows and the curtains were shut.

The curtains need to be changed.

While hanging the curtains the rod slipped.

The curtains don’t let any light in.

What sort of curtains do you think would go with the carpet?

I bought lace curtains for my bedroom window.

There were curtains hanging over the window.


Famine caused great distress among the people.

Many people were plunged into distress by the news.


Do you have any bad habits that is bringing the downfall of your relationship?


It has caused a lot of hardship to the people.

We must economies or face hardship in future.

It caused hardship to everyone.

They knew about the hardship and loss.

He put up with the greatest hardship that no one could imagine.

Many great men went through hardship during their youth.


It is my misfortune that I cannot rise to receive you.

Who could have predicted such a misfortune ?

A misfortune never comes alone.

His misfortune gained him sympathy.

He had the misfortune to lose his son.


They may phone the office and reverse the charges.

The reverse gear of my car is not working.

It is going in the reverse direction, you get down at the next stop and catch another bus.

If you hold your ground firmly, I am sure you will turn the tables in the end.

While changing Indirect Speech into Direct Speech, we reverse all the rules.

But now the reverse of all this is highlighted.

You are a big blockhead you have done the reverse of what I desired you.

How to reverse it.

Surprisingly, you can do a few things to reverse the effect .


He sowed the seeds of ruin on the battlefield.

This sowed seeds of ruin on bloodstained battle-field.

They try their luck for the next year but in doing so they ruin themselves.

They ruin the joys of the members of the family.

You will certainly ruin your health.

The war brought ruin to the country.

Their expectations ruin reality all the time.

There are common problems which are found in every friendship which if left unresolved can ruin the relationship.

Wrinkles not only ruin the look of your face but also lead to folds on the neck .

It may ruin the cotton crop.

You should really lay off that. It’ll ruin your health.


He shot a tiger which was the scourge of the district.


I did fairly well in a trial heat.

The trial is not open to the public.

That man is going on trial next week.


Can I see others woe ?


The next day the wreck of the ship was discovered on the shore.











Antonyms Of Calamity – Opposite Words

Advantage, Benefit, Blessing, Boon, Favor, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Happiness, Miracle, Success, Wonder, Comfort, Creation, Health, Peace