burnt in a sentence

He burnt his fingers.

The dead body was burnt to the cemetery.

She was burnt to death.

His house was burnt down a few days ago.

He was burnt alive in the fire.

He was burnt to ashes.

It is very helpful if applied soon after the skin got burnt.

Sometimes it happens that clothes are burnt while ironing clothes.

Due to the burnt stain on the press, the press can not be work properly.

No one likes the look of burnt hair.

Are you feeling itchy due to your sun burnt dry skin?

Her hands were badly burnt.

People with paler complexions are more likely to get burnt in the sun.

Burnt food might ruin your utensils to an unimaginable extent.

Grilling gives an amazing burnt flavour to the dish.

He was burnt to death.

Burnt clay models are traditional and ethnic.

Avoid overcooked or burnt food.

Multani mitti can even soothe a sun burnt skin.

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