built in a sentence

The Taj has a beautiful gate built of red stone.

The building was built last year.

Castles were built by kings for their protection.

Concentration in children can be built up by giving them the amount of work they can handle initially.

Character is the foundation upon which all else is built.

This is a mud built house.

Who built the Red Fort?

In whose memory is the Taj Mahal built?

The first windmill used for producing electricity was built in Scotland in July 1887 by professor James Blyth.

He has built the house for himself.

Qutab Minar was built by a Muslim Emperor Qutab-ud-din-Aaibak.

Why have you built this basement?

On the bank of which river is the Taj Mahal built?

The first geothermal power plant of the world was built at larderello, Italy, in 1911.

The Taj is built on the bank of river Yamuna.

The building of our school is built on a very spacious piece of land.

He had built a grand house.

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