building in a Sentence

The carriage entered the building.

The building has been pulled down.

This room is larger than any other room in this building.

He was building castles in the air.

A foreign architect was invited to design the building.

He is building a new house.

He resides in this building.

The design of this building was prepared by an architect.

You will have to deliver all the material at the site of the building.

The whole building was burnt to the ground.

This is a historical building.

The whole building was soon ablazed.

What a splendid building !

The building was reduced to ashes.

They have been building this house for many days.

Our school is housed in a good building.

He is building a boat.

They pulled down the building.

He spent a considerable amount of money on this building.

This building has stood the wear and tear of centuries.

The building had burnt to ashes before the fire brigade reached.

This building is made of brick and stone.

That building is very old.

Are you building a new house ?

There is no building on the right side of the road.

The Taj is a worth seeing building.

Our primary duty is building up our country.

This is the largest room in the building.

It is a very big building.

He is in the habit of building castles in the air.

This is a building worth seeing.

No other building in our town is so beautiful as this.

This building is larger than any other building in the town.

This is the most beautiful building in our town.

Government is building a dam on this river.

What a big building it is!

The building caught fire.

I had a nice building in Delhi.

Please leave your habit of building castles in the air and do something practical.

The blast of the explosion shook the building.

This building is so old, it needs to be destroyed and re-built.

The government has decided to pay compensation for the acquired building.

Our college is housed in a new building.

A terrific explosion blew up the building.

It was a very fine building.

This building has only four storey.

The building was pulled down in no time.

The agitators pulled down the building.

I visited an historical building.

The mason is building a house.

He is building a research reactor.

Our school is housed in a new building.

This building consists of ten rooms.

The roof of the building fell in.

This building is built of bricks.

The fire damaged the building.

This is upper storey of this building.

This building has a slippery floor.

He sold this building for Rs 5 lakh.

Building Self-confidence is not a day’s work.

They are building the house very quickly.

The old building was pulled down.

I am concerned about building my career.

Nowadays, more and more building have been rebuilt or redesigned into a new modern form.

The whole building needs a fresh coat of paint.

We do not need another multi-storey building.

The fire had destroyed the building.

The masons are building a house.

The Red Fort which is a historical building is in Delhi.

The post office of our village is housed in an old building.

What a beautiful building!

Owing to the lack of funds, the building could not be completed.

The masons are building the house.

Building could not be completed for want of funds.

Where is the entrance of this building?

Have they pulled down the old building?

You have earned our undying gratitude by building this hospital.

The roof of this old building is supported by bamboo props.

We have installed air-conditioners in the building.

The paint on the building is beginning to peel.

They are pulling down the old building.

Our college is housed in a spacious building spread over a large area.

He is building a new house.

They are demolishing the entire building.

The workers are building a road.

Games and sports are useful for building a man’s character.

It is a simple unpretentious building.

The lift of this building is not working.

Are you building a new house?

Synonyms Of Building – Another Words

Architecture, Construction, Home, House, Hut, Domicile, Edifice, Erection, Fabric, Framework, Pile, Superstructure, Ziggurat

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