Build in a Sentence

They are men of like build and stature.

Do the birds build nests in the trees?

Where did he build his house ?

We should not Build castles in the air.

We build houses to live in.

You and I will have to build this developed India.

If it snows tomorrow, I shall build a snowman.

I am going to build a house.

Birds build nests.

We propose to build a new house.

Do not build castles in the air; do something practical and solid.

My ambition is to build a temple.

If I were a king, I should build a grand tower.

You cannot build a big dam by spending a few thousand rupees just as a fog cannot be dispelled by a fan.

Masons and labourers build houses.

It is of no use to build castles in the air.

Indian Government wants to build a strong India.

Can people rebuild their houses ?

If I won a lottery prize, I would build a theatre.

I shall build my house on this site.

The Government proposed to build a bridge over the canal.

He cannot afford to build his own house.

Do not build castles in the air.

It is a pity that the trees are being cut to build hotels and colonies.

Some people build their own personal libraries.

We can build it in a day.

I shall build a house.

Birds build nests.

Did they build a house ?

The workers build a house.

We plan to build a house on this piece of land.

This exercise will build your muscles.

I have contracted an engineer to build my new house.

We need a rigid framework of bamboos in order to build a hut.

The government will build many new roads in this area, but as an interim measure some of the old roads will be repaired.

How does regular work build up character ?

We build over 1000 new houses a year.

I am planning to build a house.

I am going to build a new house.

We have to build up a prospering nation.

We want to build up a prosperous nation.

Personal contact helps us to build and expand business.

Do not build castles in the air

They help build our career.

On the sea shore the children build their houses with sand.

He tried to build his reputation, but in vain.

Those who merely build castles in the air are sure to fall to the ground.

He advised the students to work hard and to build flawless careers.

Synonyms Of Build – Another Words

Assemble, Erect, Evolve, Form, Make, Manufacture, Produce, Raise, Reconstruct, Set Up, Carpenter, Cast, Compile, Compose, Contrive, Engineer, Fabricate, Fashion, Forge, Frame, Model, Prefabricate, Rear, Sculpture, Synthesize

Antonyms Of Build – Opposite Words

Conclude, Decrease, Destroy, Finish, Halt, Neglect, Raze, Ruin, Stop, Demolish, Disperse, Scatter, Separate, Wreck

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