Brown in a sentence

Cows are usually white red black or brown in colour.

Dark brown hair with golden highlights look great on both long and short hair.

Did you see a brown wallet around here?

Do you think that brown hair is very beautiful?

He chose a brown shirt.

He eats a lot of brown rice.

He has brown eyes.

He is black in colour with some brown spots around his neck.

He was in a brown study when he went into the drug store.

His body was covered with brown fur.

I have brown eyes, but my sister’s eyes are blue.

I have brown hair.

I like brown toast in the morning.

I saw the boy in brown shoes.

I think I like eating white rice better than brown rice.

I want brown shoes

I would take this brown tie.

I wrapped the package in brown paper.

I’m looking for a hat to match a brown dress.

It has brown fur.

It is a small brown leather bag.

It will go well with your dark brown suit.

My house is colored in brown and beige color and it stands out in our locality.

She colors the bunny with a brown crayon.

She has brown eyes.

She has green eyes and a white and brown fur.

She has green eyes and light brown hair.

She lives on vegetables and brown rice.

She smiled at me with friendly brown eyes.

She was wearing dark brown shoes.

She wrapped the parcel in brown paper.

That building whose roof is brown is a church.

The back wings of the Peacock are greyish brown in colour.

The book is with brown paper.

The brown hat is old.

The dogs have many colors such as grey white black brown and red.

The large dog has brown fur.

The leaves go brown in fall.

The leaves turn brown in the autumn.

The medicine was a brown liquid.

The old man has brown hands with grey hair on his wrists.

The post office is the brown building.

The seeds are bold and dark brown in colour.

Their hair was all brown with dust.

They are both wearing brown hats.

They have brown skin and black hair.

They were made of rough brown leather.

What is the exact difference between brown bread and white bread?

When I entered his room, I found him in a brown study.

When both the sides get brown and crisp take it out on a plate.

Who is that woman in the brown coat?

Who is that woman with the brown coat?

Who is the woman in the brown coat?

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