brings in a sentence

The rainy season brings joy as well as pain.

Dedication brings confidence in us and inspires us to succeed.

War brings annihilation and destruction.

Hatred brings unhappiness.

Purpose brings passion.

Enjoyment brings changes in the hormonal secretions inside the body which has direct influence on your working.

Her story brings tears to my eyes.

What brings you here?

Advertisement is a means by which a seller brings his products to the notice of the people.

Whenever my brother goes for shopping, he brings some toys and sweets for me.

War brings about a lot of destruction of life and property.

A mango tree brings forth delicious fruit.

Dirt often brings on diseases.

A black sheep in the department brings bad name to everyone.

It brings peace and sleep.

Travelling brings us into living contact with the world, its people and their ways of life.

What brings you here?

Adversity brings man closer to man.

Practice not only brings perfection but also helps in building character.

It is commonly found that human brings can go to any extent in grabbing wealth.

Now will you tell me what brings you here at this late hour?

An accident brings sorrows and sufferings.

What brings you here?

He brings good name to his institution and society.

Money changes hands and it brings ruin to certain families.

It brings good luck.

Adversity brings out all the qualities in man.

Newspaper brings us news, views and comments on all important events.

Television brings films to our houses.

Early rising brings many benefits for a man.

Hard work brings success.

It brings physical and mental wellness which is important for your overall health.

Sometimes your ignorance brings bigger problems.

The rainy season brings with it a whole set of problems.

This not only removes health problems but also brings mental peace.

The rainy season brings with it infections that affect almost everyone .

Light rain brings mercury down.

The rainy day definitely brings in lots of romance to my mind.

This article brings to you details on how belly dancing help to get rid of those extra calories.

The birth of a baby brings in proud and joyous moments in a woman’s life.

Meditation with practice brings about a peaceful state like that of sleep .

It brings misfortune.

This brings us in contact with other people.

A child brings happiness.

Whenever he comes here he brings sweets.

A morning walk brings us in direct contact with nature.

What brings you here ?

Birthday brings us great joy.

Evil brings evil.

Physical ill-health often brings out mental diseases.

Indoor plants brings beauty to the house.

Holi brings a lot of stress to hair and skin.

Regular workout brings mental peace and alleviates anxiety.

Synonyms Of brings – Another Words

bear, carry, deliver, import, lead, take, transfer, transport, attend, back, buck, chaperon, companion, conduct, consort, convey, escort, fetch, gather, guide, gun, heel, lug, pack, piggyback, ride, shoulder, tote, truck, usher

Antonyms Of brings – Opposite Words

avoid, disenchant, dodge, fail, hold, keep, lose, refuse, repulse, abandon, disperse, distribute, free, leave, maintain, neglect