brilliant in a sentence

Many brilliant students have been produced by our school.

I am a brilliant student.

The computer is one of the most brilliant gifts of science.

The idea conceived by you is very brilliant.

He is an exceptionally brilliant child.

There are several openings for brilliant young men.

He is a brilliant humorist.

You have conducted a brilliant job with your camera.

We have organized a function to honour our brilliant students today.

Running is easily one of the most brilliant exercises to get yourself in shape.

Swimming is a brilliant exercise.

He showcased some of his brilliant works.

How do you become brilliant at this?

This is an absolutely brilliant plan.

We congratulated him for his brilliant achievements.

He is a brilliant human being.

He is a brilliant student.

Carrots are antioxidants and are a brilliant source of nutrients which are excellent for your eye sight.

You look amazingly brilliant.

Take a look at these brilliant ideas.

This bright red outfit looks brilliant on you.

Your brilliant result pleased all.

He a brilliant person.

He is brilliant at the sitar.

They congratulated me on my brilliant success.

He died a brilliant death and left an example to the world.

He came out with a brilliant suggestion

I rejoice at your brilliant success.

A big feast is due to you for your brilliant success.

He never said a brilliant thing in his life.

He done a brilliant job

A brilliant smile adorned his face

I congratulate you on your brilliant success.

She is brilliant at convincing people.

His college career was very brilliant.

She was exulted at her brilliant success.

Brilliant students are favourite of teachers.

I congratulated him on his brilliant success.

What a brilliant boy you are!

My past record is brilliant.

He prided himself on his brilliant achievements.

My relatives have congratulated me on my brilliant success.

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