bright in a sentence

She has bright eyes.

People wear glasses to protect their eyes from bright light.

An optimist looks only at the bright side of things with an open mind.

Bright colours often appeal to small children.

She has a fancy for bright dresses.

He is bright enough to solve the problem by himself.

He is very bright.

Usually he is are in bright clothes.

Always hope for a bright future.

We should always look at the bright side of things.

It is a very bright morning.

Some students are very bright.

The colour of this coat is bright.

The sky is bright and clear.

You are a bright boy.

He is bright and active.

He is a very bright student.

The bright light blinded me for sometime.

The moon rose and everything looked bright.

The light of these lamps are very bright.

The sun is very bright.

It has bright appearance.

There are bright chances for employment in big cities.

Always hope for a bright future.

Give employment to this bright young man.

The future is bright.

Our chances are as bright as you.

Avoid watching TV in bright lighting.

The lake was gleaming in the bright sunshine.

The sun is a very bright star which is four hundred thousand times brighter than the full moon.

It is no less than a golden ticket to enter a new and bright future for mankind.

If we look at the bright side of ourselves only then we can be happy.

The morning sunshine is so bright that I can’t look at it.

It is bright yellow.

They painted their house bright yellow.

There are bright lights all over the whole country during Diwali.

The delicious taste and bright color of the food make it even more appealing.

The girl was friendly with a bright smile.

The heavens are bright with stars tonight.

The bright sun was shining.

These people certainly fail to see the bright side.

The blood was bright red.

I found him a bright boy.

He was dressed in a bright long gown and wore a crown of exotic feathers.

Her bright eyes were triumphant

He was not a bright student but was sincere and hard working.

India has a bright and big deep-rooted history related to sports.

A juggler often paints his face and wears bright coloured clothes to attract attention.

It’s your love that helps me get out of bed every morning with a bright bright smile on my face.

That’s a bright idea.

It is bright yellow.

The reflection of the bright sun was falling in the water.

I am not a very bright student.

Why do you not wear bright coloured dresses ?

She is a bright student.

She was looking very bright and cool carrying the super .

The sun shines too bright in the month of June.

She is a bright student at her college.

The bright moonlight is soothing for all of us.

The small kiwi fruit has bright green flesh on the inside and the outer .

The moon was bright and we could see our way.

She blushed bright red.

The star is so bright as to be seen with the naked eye.

Everybody was bright at the party.

The future of technology is bright and it is improving day by day.

The bright flames of the fireworks present an exquisite sight in the dark night.

The bright light can disorient or blind them.

There will be bright spells.

She decorated her room with bright color.

They all thought of her as a bright girl.

The use of bright colors is one of the features of his paintings.

It is bright and clear.

The square was illuminated by bright lights.

He was not a bright student.

It was a bright and clear Sunday morning.

Her bright Yellow Dress is Perfect for a Rainy Day .

Make use of this bright print in various colors.

A manner bright with interest

Her eyes are as bright as a blazing star

We all love a bright smile and opt for teeth whitening treatments.

The moon was bright and we could see our way.

Your bright contagious smile is what is going to make or break your look.

The sky is bright with the sunlight.

It is a very bright morning.

He’s bright enough to solve the problem by himself.

They are bright and strong.

It is a bright day.

We want schools and education for every child’s bright future.

The artist used bold, bright strokes of paint to create a lively and energetic painting.

The stadium lights illuminated the field, creating a bright and exciting atmosphere for the game.

The student’s future is looking bright with a full scholarship to their dream university.

The room was filled with bright smiles and warm greetings as friends reunited after a long time apart.

The bright moon shone through the window, casting a gentle glow in the room.

The city skyline sparkled with bright lights as night fell.

The toddler’s eyes lit up with excitement as they saw the bright balloons at the party.

The new LED bulbs provided bright and energy-efficient lighting for the office.

The artist’s vibrant and bright artwork brought life and energy to the gallery.

The bright colors of the tropical fish mesmerized the scuba divers as they explored the coral reef.

The young musician’s talent shone brightly as they performed on stage, captivating the audience.

The bright morning sunlight filtered through the leaves, creating a beautiful dappling effect in the forest.

The children’s artwork brightened up the classroom walls with their colorful and imaginative creations.

The vibrant and bright rainbow stretched across the sky, bringing hope after the storm.

The cheerful, bright chirping of birds signaled the arrival of spring.

The golden sand on the beach glowed brightly under the afternoon sun.

Her bright personality and infectious laughter lifted the spirits of everyone around her.

The bright smile of the elderly couple reflected the enduring love they shared after many years of marriage.

The sparkling waves on the ocean created a bright and captivating scene.

The scent of fresh flowers filled the room, complementing the bright and cheerful decor.

Synonyms Of bright – Another Words

blazing, brilliant, dazzling, flashing, glistening, glittering, golden, intense, luminous, radiant, shimmering, shiny, silvery, sparkling, sunny, vivid

Antonyms Of bright – Opposite Words

cloudy, dark, dim, dull, gloomy, black, depressed, depressing, doleful, dreary

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