brevity in a sentence

In today’s busy world, the importance of brevity has increased manifold.

Verbosity is the enemy of wit while brevity is the soul of wit.

There is immense beauty in brevity.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Brevity is of the essence of writing.

I believe in brevity.

Her poems are remarkable for brevity.

He fails to realise the importance of brevity.

He is a stickler for punctuality and brevity.

He emphasised on brevity and time management.

He is trained to tell a story effectively with brevity and focus.

The soul of a short story is in its brevity and wit.

He writes with remarkable brevity.

Try to bring clarity and brevity in your paragraph.

In his speeches, the politician favored brevity, delivering concise and impactful messages to captivate the audience’s attention.

The newspaper headline captured the essence of the story with brevity, providing a concise summary that immediately grabbed readers’ interest.

The teacher emphasized the importance of brevity in writing, encouraging students to express their ideas succinctly and avoid unnecessary wordiness.

The CEO’s emails were known for their brevity, getting straight to the point and conveying essential information without excessive details.

The poet mastered the art of brevity, crafting powerful verses that conveyed deep emotions and vivid imagery in just a few carefully chosen words.

The advertisement caught consumers’ attention with its brevity, delivering a memorable and persuasive message in a short and concise format.

The judge appreciated the lawyer’s brevity during the trial, presenting the key evidence and arguments in a clear and succinct manner.

The memo requested employees to provide updates with brevity, encouraging them to be concise and to-the-point in their reports.

The presenter’s brevity during the conference allowed for a smooth flow of information, ensuring that all important points were covered within the allotted time.

The comedian’s wit and brevity had the audience roaring with laughter, as they delivered punchlines with perfect timing and minimal words.

The meeting agenda was designed with brevity in mind, ensuring that only the most crucial topics were discussed to keep the session concise and efficient.

The news anchor delivered the breaking news with brevity, providing a quick yet comprehensive update on the unfolding events.

The company’s mission statement was revised for brevity, condensing the core values and objectives into a succinct statement that captured the essence of their purpose.

The poet’s haiku showcased the beauty of brevity, capturing a vivid moment or emotion in just three lines and seventeen syllables.

The manager’s feedback was appreciated for its brevity, providing clear and actionable suggestions without unnecessary elaboration.

The travel brochure enticed readers with brevity, using concise descriptions and captivating images to highlight the key attractions and experiences.

The presentation slides were designed with brevity in mind, using bullet points and visual aids to convey information efficiently and keep the audience engaged.

The novelist’s writing style favored brevity, allowing the story to unfold with a sense of urgency and maintaining a brisk pace throughout.

The text message was written with brevity, conveying a brief yet important message in just a few words to quickly communicate the necessary information.

Speak with brevity, get to the point and save time.

His brevity in emails keeps communication efficient and effective.

The poet’s brevity conveyed deep emotions in just a few words.

The presentation was praised for its brevity and clarity.

The tweet’s brevity made it easy to share and understand.

The article’s brevity allowed for a quick read during lunch.

The memo emphasized the importance of brevity in written reports.

The speaker’s brevity left the audience wanting more.

The summary provided a concise brevity of the complex topic.

The slogan captured the brand’s essence with brevity and impact.

Synonyms Of brevity – Another Words

conciseness, concision, condensation, crispness, curtness, economy, ephemerality, impermanence, pithiness, pointedness, succinctness, terseness, transience, transitoriness

Antonyms Of brevity – Opposite Words

lengthiness, longevity, permanence

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