break in a sentence

You can plan it in a way as to break this monotony.

They want to break away from the routine .

Festivals break the monotony of life.

Picnic and outings are essential to break the dullness of life.

Diseases like cholera and malaria often break out.

There is no break in his service.

I have had a break today after one week’s hard work.

We can’t break the rule of the road without danger to life and limb.

I met him during the lunch break.

Human body is a machine which continues to perform without any break.

Don’t break the stick.

T.V channels show advertisements during the break.

I have a sporty spirit so nothing negative can break me easily.

Words can make or break a relationship.

Dynamite is used to break up rocks.

Why did he break up with you?

People often break the queue.

The thieves failed to break into the house.

This car is going to break down.

Let’s take a break now.

It is not good for you to break your promise.

If you go on working like this, your health is sure to break down.

He will not break his word.

He can break this rope.

To eat the kernel of the nut, one must break the shell.

Do not break it.

The news of his wife’s death broke his heart.

If a timely step is not taken, an epidemics may break out at any moment.

Did the twine break ?

You will break my heart.

His health has broken down through overwork.

I do not know how to break the news of her husband’s death to her.

After exams every student deserves a break from all the studying.

Antibacterial properties of garlic break down the yeast formation.

Don’t break my heart.

Take care not to break the eggs.

I plan to break up with her.

He was afraid his car would break down.

You’ll be punished if you break the law.

You should not break your promise.

It is not good to break a promise.

You ought not to break your promise.

They’re having a break at the moment.

I am going to break up with her.

Don’t break a mirror.

Hackers break into computers without permission.

She plans to break up with her boyfriend.

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