Brave-word meaning in hindi

Noun : उत्साहशील मनुष्य, चुनौती, नौजवान आदिवासी सिपाही, लड़ाकू योद्धा, ललकार, बहादुर आदमी

Adjective : शूरवीर, उत्साहशील, महावीर, साहसी, अत्युत्तम, शूर, वीर, बहादुर, निडर, दिलेर, आनन्ददायक,

Verb : सामना करना, चुनौती देना, साहसपूर्वक सामना करना, ललकारना

Example Sentences :

He is not only brave but wise.

It is very brave of you to vote against the plan.

He is a brave man.

He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.

He was brave and smart.

Describe the brave deed in a few sentences.

A team of brave people undertook the Everest expedition.

She’s a wonderful, brave little girl.

How brave he is!

None but a brave man could have done it.

Only a brave woman can fight against the odds.

I had to brave several storms in my life.

His action inspired other soldiers to put a brave fight.

He received a number of awards for his brave deed.

Are you brave enough to ask him to repeat everything?

A memorial was built to the memory of the brave soldiers who had laid down their lives in the service of the country.