brave in a sentence

Definition – Brave


  • Bold
  • Having no fear
  • courageous

Verb transitive

  • Meet without feat
  • Face

Example sentences

  1. We should respect the brave.
  2. Fortune favors the brave.
  3. A truly brave person sticks to the truth in all the circumstance.
  4. Brave men taste of death but once.
  5. The brave are honored everywhere.
  6. Fortune favors the brave.
  7. The brave have the confidence to welcome challenges in life.
  8. Emperor Akbar was amazingly brave and strong.
  9. They are brave and full of enthusiasm.
  10. You are my brave son.
  11. Your brave act is always remembered.
  12. Be brave to tell what you see.
  13. Whatever you fear, try to face it with a brave attitude.
  14. Be brave and face the world.
  15. You’re a brave man.
  16. They are brave and adventurous as well.
  17. She is brave and never shies away from trying something.
  18. Today is the world of brave and independent women.
  19. They are brave and giving up so easily is not in their dictionary!
  20. You should be brave and courageous to cross all hurdles and face difficult situations.
  21. He taught me how to be brave.
  22. The brave are respected every where.
  23. It was a very brave act.
  24. He is a brave boy.
  25. Cowards die many times but the brave once.
  26. The brave do not fear to die.
  27. That was very brave of you.
  28. Be brave
  29. He is brave like a lion.
  30. A brave man has no fears.
  31. A brave man strives for success single-minded.
  32. A brave man confronts dangers boldly.
  33. A brave man is always prepared for the unexpected.
  34. We put up a brave fight.
  35. Our soldiers put up a brave fight.
  36. The brave do not fear to die.
  37. He was a brave soldier.
  38. He has put up a brave fight against racial discrimination.
  39. He is brave enough to face the situation.
  40. Are you brave ?
  41. The brave soldier died for his country.
  42. I had to brave several storms in my life.
  43. She is brave for a woman.
  44. Our soldiers put up a brave fight.
  45. The might of a brave person is tested in battle.
  46. It was brave of you to go into the burning house.
  47. They were not brave at all.
  48. She bore her misfortunes with a brave spirit.
  49. He was brave enough to say it.
  50. She is brave for a girl.
  51. I admire your brave deed.

Synonyms Of brave – Another Words

adventurous, audacious, confident, courageous, daring, dashing, fearless, foolhardy, gallant, gutsy, heroic, reckless, resolute, spirited, spunky, stout, strong, valiant, chin-up, firm, forward, game, hardy, militant, stalwart

Antonyms Of brave – Opposite Words

afraid, careful, cautious, cowardly, fearful, irresolute, meek, mild, shy, timid, unadventurous, weak