Brave antonym-opposite word of brave in English

Afraid, Careful, Cautious, Cowardly, Fearful, Irresolute, Meek, Mild, Shy, Timid, Unadventurous, Weak

Example Sentences of Brave :

Only a brave man could have done it.

He put up a brave fight.

None but a brave woman can fight against the odds.

Only a brave man could battle with him.

The soldier was brave and honest.

He was a brave warrior he made his enemies lick the dust.

The people will praise the brave men.

She is a brave girl.

Are you brave ?

He put up a brave fight.

A brave man makes his own luck.

It was brave of him to save the drowning child.

It is said that fortune befriends only the brave and the courageous.

We shall put up a brave fight.

A brave person never dies whereas a coward dies everyday of his existence.

How brave he is!

A brave man prefers death to dishonour.

A brave man does not fear dying.

Not because they were brave or strong but because there wasn’t any choice.

You are a brave boy.

He was brave enough to go there alone.

How brave of him to jump into the water to save the little girl!

He is a brave and cheerful boy.

None but the brave deserve our respect.

She was a brave girl.

He is brave in appearance

How brave of you to go alone into the primeval forest!

You are a brave girl.

Our freedom fighters were very brave persons.

The brave do not fear to die.

There are so many ways to be brave in this world.

He was brave in the face of danger.

He did a brave thing.

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